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2 yr 10mo old absolutley horrid when relatives came over

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julantal Tue 30-Sep-08 02:35:51

My bother-in-law and his girlfriend came over yesterday afternoon for a visit-- my daughter absolutely LOVEs them-- but from the min they arrived to the time she went to bed-- she was horrid-- and i mean horrid. She was loud, tantrumy, saying "no" angrily at them when they didnt play "right", throwing toys, running in circles as if she couldnt calm down etc.... Now i know she was excited and i know that my borhter-in-law doesnt quite get the "play" thing with little kids (he doesnt have any children)-- but i dread Christmas Eve and other upcoming events....

My dau had not had a nap (which she has boycotted for awhile--but still NEEDS one)...she was much better when there was one on one with the girlfriend-- but when my brother-in-law would come over to her, he would begin to play rougher or tease her and take toys (again, having NO clue)--- she would begin again. I had to take her to her room two separate times and on top of it a "time out" for throwing the toy...

By the way, my husband was NO help, he watched like an idiot... i looked like the meanie and was practically yelling the entire time. In fact if i had a dollar for everytime i said "calm down" i would have saved the US economy!!! I even talked with hubby after they left and he thought i was being silly... great help

How can i set up Christmas to be better-- we will have a house full of people and i dread it...


slim22 Tue 30-Sep-08 02:51:45

don't they just shine in the limelight! wink

nappyaddict Tue 30-Sep-08 02:59:13

what time does she have a nap? is there way to organise xmas day so she can still have it?

julantal Tue 30-Sep-08 04:33:08

she goes for a nap at 1pm after lunch-- but she has not actually taken a nap for about three weeks now-- she will stay in the bed and read books or just chill for a bit but does not actually fall asleep-- which makes for a very crabby kid at about 4pm or so. Christmas is with the inlaws-- they are not very kid friendly people and dont really get it... they come when it is convient to them not me, are you kidding.

twentypence Tue 30-Sep-08 05:10:58

Xmas is months away - she will have found a new way to torture her parents by then.

I'm not convinced that yelling is the best way to deal with a tantrum - how come you can have one, but she gets sent to her room for hers?

Perhaps let your BIL deal with the fall out from his teasing next time and have a bit of a lie down somewhere quieter!

Weegle Tue 30-Sep-08 11:05:27

Hmm, are you sure the problem here is with your DD and not with the BIL? Any 2.10 yr old is going to start going a bit loopy with rough play and toys being taken away etc by an adult. And if they are tired it will be worse. Can you say to BIL when they arrive - she's very tired so lots of gentle play is in order, no teasing, no rough play etc?

julantal Tue 30-Sep-08 18:15:26

thanks for the insight-- i know BIL means well-- but he really doenst get the whole part about rough play equals rough kid-- so i will let him know-- but i have told him this before-- he is a LOUD kind of guy and mans well-- but doesnt get it. "twentypence" i dont consider my "yelling" or discipline-- however you want to put it-- as me having a tantrum-- it's just hard when i'm carrying around a 6 mo old and all i hear downstairs is "no mine" "go away"-- and her shouting and acting soooo crazy-- my only outlet is to say with a strong voice "CALM DOWN"!!!

this is why i needed the advice-- i guess the question here is-- do i discipline when relatives are over or do i let her do her thing???

nappyaddict Wed 01-Oct-08 01:40:12

might it be a better idea to keep her up and then get her to have quiet time in her room about 4pm when she gets crabby?

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