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desperately need help (biteing)

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mummytojames Mon 28-Feb-05 20:28:52

my ds is 18 months in march and hes seemed to have taken up biteing again he used to do it before but stopped but now its come back with avengence every time he does it the first is telling him its naughty why its naughty and what will happen if he does it again the secound time e bites its automatic timeout then after the period of time i ask him if hes going to be naughty again he shakes his head but the moment he comes out he starts biteing again its getting to the point where i just cant cope and its taking all my energy not to scream at him oh and he was never breast feed but he goes straight to bite my nipple and its not gentle eaither
tia hope you can help

Enid Mon 28-Feb-05 20:31:37

have you read this? you might find useful.

mummytojames Mon 28-Feb-05 20:42:38

thanks enid does anyone know how long these phases last for because today i had to take him up my mil ecause i know hes always as good as gold up there and if i didnt take him out of the house i would have probably lost it compleately i kow it dont sound very nice for a parent to say but thats where hes driving me to it weired when he nice he the most lovable child you could ever meet but if hes being naughty he can drive you to extreems he bites slaps pulls hair pinches and scrams ive tried looking out for anything that could set him off but he could be sitting there playing nicely then all of a suden just turn for no reason

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