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Please help! Any and all advice welcome! 23m old dd being monster regarding feeding...

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yousaidit Sat 27-Sep-08 17:35:17

23m dd was a fantastic eater: homecooked food, eats to a general schedule (8.00am milk and breakfast, 12 -1 dinner, 4 or 4.30 tea, then 7 ish, milk and bed) however, in past couple of week dd is refusing tpo eat practically everthing she is ofered: she will graze and snack, but to ensure this isn't affecting her meals i'm trying to knock all snacks on the head in an efrt to get her to eat a bit more at mealtimes: i know this could be contributed by the 'terrible two's' (she is definately having a good few more wobblers which dh and i avoid entertaining), and childrens growth ates decline dramatically at about 2 where they might just out on a few pound over a year rather than quadrupling their birth weight in the first year or two, and toddlers do have a small stomach, however what she is eaing does seem to have dramatically dropped in portion size. I'm trying to persevere with offering dd her meal, and if after a while she's still refusing to eat, then taking her out of her high chair and leting her carry on as with the normal day: i'm not going through a variety of foods to keep her happy (what she is being offered she has previously eaten so i know it's not a case of having a strong dislike of a particular food) and therefore avoiding her thinking that having a wobbler means she gets what she wants. She eats at table in kitchen, we don't have any tv on and never have done...

Can anyone please help me, hints and tips, or sympathies and pats on the back with regards to knowing the frustration i feel??? It doesn't help that i slept for about 4 hours last night, in addition to being 38wk pg, and so being tred means i've been in tears today twice!! I'm not normally so hysterical though: i think today is just a 'take everthing personall' day smile )

Did you get this from your dc and did they grow out of it or did they get over it or how did you deal with it?


Will check on any posts prob early in week

yousaidit Sat 27-Sep-08 17:46:04

Oh, forgot, for about 2 or 3 weeks her sleeps have changed and she is having monster sleeps that can be between 1.5 to 2 hours during day where she is absolutely out for the count, and so far it's not affecting her night sleep, she's sill gettying between 11 to 12 hiurs sleep a night?


yousaidit Wed 01-Oct-08 14:17:59

Bump? smile

babyinbelly Wed 01-Oct-08 14:27:56

Could she be getting some more teeth through?

DS did this for a while, refusing normal food but I just did the same as you. If he doesn't attempt to eat it it goes in the bin. I found he messed about instead of eating and it helped if I sat in a different room while he ate as he wasn't getting the attention from me so just had his dinner instead.

I wouldn't worry too much. Children will not stave themselves. If you perserve things should settle down before too long.

nicky111 Wed 01-Oct-08 14:36:06

Hi my DD2,21 months, is being a right pain about mealtimes at the moment. She has always ben difficult to feed though. Yesterday she had beans and cheese in a pitta bread which she ate at about 2.30. She then refused her dinner at 6pm, preferring to entertain her big sister by standing up in her high chair shouting: "you poo poo, bum bum.'" She then demanded a cheese sandwich at 7pm, which I gave to her as did not want to be woken at 3am by a hungry toddler.This morning she refused her normal breakfast (rice crispies, boiled egg and soldiers and an apple) and has gone down for her nap having eaten three cubes of cheese, some apple, and half a peanut butter sandwich. You are not alone, believe me.
All I can say is that it is a phase they go through and as long as she is eating a bit and drinking milk she will be ok. She might be coming down with a cold (I suspect that is what is wrong with DD2 at the moment) she might be doing it fo attention or just because she is a stubborn toddler.
I think it helps not to get upset, take a deep breath and just let it ride for a bit. Try giving her very simple food and show no emotion if she rejects it.
Also I don't think they really learn from the "if you don't eat now, you'll be hungry later," thing - although it certainly works for DD1 now she's 4.
Have you tried offering her the same food half an hour later? Or filling her up with a healthy pudding? Full fat yoghurt and banana or pancakes?
Also, mine sleeps for two hours a day and goes to bed at 7pm. Get some rest yourself, you'll need it soon!

yousaidit Fri 03-Oct-08 05:31:35

Thanks babyinbelly, Teeth could be an issue at back..

nicky111, thanks for the post, v helpful, esp as our dds seem to have similar routines. i do love your dd2's entertainment of standing up in her highchair shouting 'you poo poo, bum bum'; russell brand earns a fortune from that kind of rambling nder the guise of 'stand up'!!!

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