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Pulling her own hair out

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edhj69 Thu 25-Sep-08 13:07:52

OUr DD 23 mnths has started pulling her ahir out at night and when she's tired. She's nearly bald on one side now (she sucks her thumb so only one hand is pulling). HV (useless piece) says leave it and she'll grow out of it and don't cut her hair to stop her, which would be fine if the other side was being pulled out too. She's not distressed by it, she seems to do it for comfort. Any suggestions as to wha to do? Or anyone else come across it before so I can tell DW that we're not alone?

BlueberryPancake Thu 25-Sep-08 18:20:48

This must bbe very distressing. Could you see your GP instead, although it's not a medical thing? Some children do very strange things for comfort. Can you try to get her to stroke a special teddy instead, or twist the hair of a very special dolly, using a bit of imagination and a special story every night and holding her hand on the teddy, without forcing her of course?

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