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Crawling directions.

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GiraffeAHolic Thu 25-Sep-08 10:41:44

DD has just turned 6 months and has been crawling backwards for a couple of weeks.

She's progressed from wriggling to proper hands and knees fairly quickly.

But she gets really frustrated that she ends up further away from her toys and crashes into walls as she can't see where she's going.

So if your LO crawled backwards how long was it before they worked out going forwards?

Also she pulls to her feet and weight bears holding on to things. Please tell me she's not going to be walking any time soon hmm

fourlittlefeet Thu 25-Sep-08 10:43:35

they start forwards pretty soon after backwards, sometimes its more of a leopard or commando crawl than the upright one. DD could pull up and cruise for ages before she walked so don't worry just yet smile. Sounds like she is doing really well.

GiraffeAHolic Thu 25-Sep-08 10:57:12

Thank you.

TBH wasn't expecting a mobile baby just yet blush.

Yes to start with she lifted her chest and jumped her knees under her tummy kind of like a caterpillar grin

Wade Thu 25-Sep-08 19:55:44

Friend's bb crawled backwards for about 3 weeks but didn't walk for another 5 months.

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