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<sigh> A whole week of not just wet nappies but soaked through nappies and wet beds

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VictorianSqualor Thu 25-Sep-08 09:46:45

Is there anything I can do to stop DS1 (3.10) to stop wetting at night?
He's never been dry but it seems to be getting worse.
The last week he has wet so much that his nappy hasn't coped and he's been wet through in the morning.
Also he 'forgets' about using the toilethmm If he is 'busy' he won't go. He'll dance and jig around until I ask if he needs to go, and then wee just as he gets to the toilet.
I just wish it would stop, even at school he comes out with wet pants about twice a week. The only child in his class to have these accidents.

feeble Thu 25-Sep-08 10:24:39

Apparently some children are not able to be dry overnight until they are 7. My DD is the say at 4, although she doesnt wet in the day much. Do you take him to the loo right before school? Also make sure he drinks plenty in the day and restrict drinks after 5. Try a larger nappy designed for older kids?

VictorianSqualor Thu 25-Sep-08 10:51:10

He's in night time nappies for his size, but the other night I went in to check him before I went to bed (purely because I did DS2's dreamfeed and nappychange and saw DS1's nappies in the drawer) and he needed changing already. It was only 11pm. He went to bed at 7:30hmm

I take him to the toilet in school, as soon as we get there.

ComeOVeneer Thu 25-Sep-08 10:55:46

VS, Ds (3.10 too) is the same. I strip his sheets almost daily. He had 2 accidents yesterday (although day time accidents are becomming rarer)

FourArms Thu 25-Sep-08 10:57:10

My DS1 doesn't ever wet himself during the day, but often has wet PJ's at night as the nappy isn't coping. He's in a size 6 now which is the biggest I can find. He drinks a lot in the evenings, but if he's thirsty I don't want to restrict fluids. It's a pain though I agree! Have you tried the Pampers bed mats?

FourArms Thu 25-Sep-08 10:57:40

My DS1 is 4.5 now!

notnowbernard Thu 25-Sep-08 10:58:09

VS, dd1 (4.9) is still in a pull-up at night

I've posted a couple of times about it

I believe in the hormonal theory... until it is produced there is just NO WAY they will stop weeing in their sleep

I am working atm with dd on getting up and going to the loo ON WAKING though... as she does tend to wee in it on waking hmm

Is getting better

Seriously, don't worry about it

Also, quite normal I think, to be having the odd accident. DD1 was like this as well! And can still have the odd 'late trip' to the loo now. I find ignoring it or playing it down works the best

VictorianSqualor Thu 25-Sep-08 11:00:17

notnowbernard, DS was doing that too, but now he is at school he wakes up and wants to get ready straight away.

It's a pain in the neck, having to shower him down, and change his bed (we haven't even got a blardy washing machine atm) Bed mats might be a good idea but he moves around tons in his sleep.

What's the hormone theory?

marmadukescarlet Thu 25-Sep-08 11:01:18

The problem is VS, if you keep reminding them to go they don't develop the sensation of needing to go iyswim.

DD HAD to be dry by nursery entry (their insistence) at 2.5, so we tackled this by reminding her to go - before meals, before leaving the house etc. But she then relied on routine and reminders to stay dry, it took quite a while (and a few accidents) for her to 'get it'.

As for the night time, I have ame trouble with DS wet bed and pjs through leakage most nights.

Good luck.

notnowbernard Thu 25-Sep-08 11:06:48

I have read loads of threads about it (off the top of my head, Wigwambam knows loads about it smile)

A hormone is produced anytime between the ages of 1-7yr apparently. It acts to supress the production of urine. So until that hormone is released, the body will continue to produce urine. And the baby/child is too young to be woken by the feeling of needing a wee, I guess

A dr wouldn't do anything about night wetting until age 7y because of this, apparently

So very normal for our dc

Simplysally Thu 25-Sep-08 11:08:47

It's probably frowned upon now but when I was younger but middle of primary school age, I struggled to stay dry at night so when my parents came to bed, they used to 'lift' me to use the toilet at 10.30/11pm which was enough to keep me dry til the morning. That might take the pressure of his bladder if he's already wet then so he can make it through the rest of the night? That won't help his brain to figure out the messages being sent from his bladder as he really needs to be waking from the pressure. Sorry if this isn't much help but it might save a damp night or two .

Washersaurus Thu 25-Sep-08 11:12:02

I'm so glad others have this problem too. DS1 (3.3) soaks through his nappy every night without fail. I am fed up of sponging off the mattress and washing duvets and sheets!

We usually use a big size 3 tots bots nappy with 2 boosters (as we have always done) but it just isn't coping any more. We have tried disposables but DS1 keeps putting his hands in them whilst in bed and leaves his willy poking out resulting in more accidents shock.

I really don't know what to do with him. We have stopped him having a cup of milk at storytime and make sure his last drink is an hour before bed which has helped slightly.

He is doing fairly well with using the toilet now with only a couple of accidents here and there though, so that is a bonus I suppose.

Does anyone have a link for those good washable bed mats please? I am loathed to give my money to Mr Pampers grin

VictorianSqualor Thu 25-Sep-08 11:18:55

this sort of thing washersauras?

Washersaurus Thu 25-Sep-08 11:21:09

Hmm <chokes at price>...sort of...maybe not so organic grin

Washersaurus Thu 25-Sep-08 11:22:10

There was a particular type, possibly WAHM? I just cannot remember the name.

VictorianSqualor Thu 25-Sep-08 11:22:57

Lol, that was just a first google.
We shall find cheaper ones!!

Washersaurus Thu 25-Sep-08 11:23:35

Aaah the power of MN search! It was hippy chick <off to check price>

Washersaurus Thu 25-Sep-08 11:26:54

Darn it, they are all the same price

VictorianSqualor Thu 25-Sep-08 11:50:42
These are cheaper.

I've just picked him up from school. Yet again he's had an accident. The teacher didn't seem too impressed. I just can't make him do it! Sometimes he'll have days with no accidents, others he will have 3 in an hour.

Argh, Gosh I hate the bits of parenting where there is no fix!lol.

Washersaurus Thu 25-Sep-08 11:57:08

Sounds boring VS, but have you tried the reward/sticker thing recently? Sometimes I find I have to offer some extra encouragement when DS1 goes through one of his wet pants phases.

Those bed mats look really good, but 28 days lead time? <calculates how many loads of bedding washing likely in a month>

notnowbernard Thu 25-Sep-08 11:58:27

VS, do you remind him to go a lot? Does he need nagging? How does he respond when hassled to go?

I ask because dd1 went through a few phases of wetting

The ONLY thing that improved it was ignoring it if it happened

"Mummy, I'm wet"

"Are you? Go and get changed then"

VictorianSqualor Thu 25-Sep-08 11:59:48

I detest star charts. Am always telling DP how we must be Alfie Kohn like and live our life by the way of How To Talkgrin

\Maybe, just maybe I can use 'the written word' from HTT to loosely translate to sticker chart?wink

VictorianSqualor Thu 25-Sep-08 12:01:40

notnowbernard, not really.
I onyl say to him he needs to go if we are just on our way out or I ask him if he's doing the toilet jig.

I just asked him what he thought what help him and he reckons a machine that wees for him would do the trickgrin

Washersaurus Thu 25-Sep-08 12:02:45

Well you don't actually need a sticker chart, we just give lots of extra praise on days when he has stayed dry all day and maybe give him a sticker or something nice as a treat.

I too have noticed that making him go and get himself cleaned up and changed deters him from doing it too much <cruel mother alert>

notnowbernard Thu 25-Sep-08 12:06:12

VS, your ds sounds great grin

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