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gogsi Thu 25-Sep-08 09:18:00

My 4 yr old has just started school. we are aware that he has mixed ability,getting words muddled up throwing himself on the floor, amuses himself for hours on end on his own, none of these things we are worried about, we just figure these things will balance out, he was 8 wks prem so we think he is just less mature than some of his age because of this. On the otherhand, his computer skills are excellent, and when he finishes play, he shuts down the computer! never been told to, not even his 13 yr old cousin does that! The school have called us in as his teacher beliieves he may possibly have some form of social communication disorder as he has been hitting out at her and pupils, I might add I was taken in to hospital for 5 days when this started happening, although it has continued since my return. So the teacher has referred him to a paediatric consultant to assess him, which I have allowed. It's all very upsetting as nothing was flagged up at nursery, anybody out there can throw any light?

gogsi Thu 25-Sep-08 09:34:30

Just to add to previous thread, he is also soiling himself every day, peeing fine but not at all bothered about poo, smiles and asks for a bath, makes me think I've thrust him into school too soon, maybe he doesn't want to grow up

pagwatch Thu 25-Sep-08 09:39:03

social communication disorder means that they are probably considering if he may have some kind of ASD or autistic spectrum disorder.
The fact that nothing was spotted at nursery may be because he has such mild symptoms and a 'mild' version of the condition. An assessment will give you access to better support and information.

My son has ASD and also had bowel problems . There is often a link.
You might want to think about posting this again in special needs.

Of course the fact that this is what they are looking at may be something they simply want to exclude and may be that he is simple just not settling well.
I would support the investigations and read up a little on ASD and autism.

I hope this helps.

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