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Baked bean up nose

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hairymcleary Thu 25-Sep-08 02:00:01

DS (2.3) put a baked bean up his nose during dinner last night.
He did have the good sense to tell me (and I had to hide behind a cupboard door, so he wouldn't see me laughing!), however when I asked him if it was out, he said yes.
I got a tissue and got him to blow his nose and had a look up there myself, but couldn't see anything.
Anyway, to cut to the chase, his nose was still v runny about 30 mins later. He did a sort of outwards sniff and the bean reappeared. Am now worried about him putting other stuff up there and am just wondering what you're meant to do if they get something stuck up their noses?

Granny22 Thu 25-Sep-08 02:14:03

First thing to try with likes of a baked bean is make them sneeze. Try some pepper or sherbert. Blow it up their clear nostril or a few grains on a cotton bud should do the trick.
Steredent tooth powder makes everyone sneeze like mad. We used to sniff it simultaneously at school to the complete confusion of the teachers.

wehaveallbeenthere Thu 25-Sep-08 02:29:35

My youngest did this with a pinto bean. Granny22 is correct. Have them sneeze it out. Don't try to fish it out with anything as you can push it up the nose further.
I took mine to the doctors from school when this happened and as the nurse was about to attempt to put some mist in her nose she sneezed it out. The nurse said this is common but they did have one that it went all the way into the cavity and made a nasty infection.
I would guess that they would reject it at some point though.

alipiggie Thu 25-Sep-08 04:06:08

I have the perfect tip and was shown how to do this in ER. You go towards their mouths and say give mummy a big kiss. If you open your mouth as you approach them, they'll open theirs too. Then you blow hard into their mouth and the offending object will hopefully be blown out. It worked with pebbles so should probably work with baked beans too. Much easier than trying to make them sneeze imo. Good luck.

pelvicflawed Thu 25-Sep-08 06:57:57

DS 2.4 did this two weeks ago with a pea Grrrr!!! - we couldn't see it and didn't want to fish around so we called SIL who is an AE doctor and she said we really ought to get it checked out in AE (she said if it was an ear you can leave for a few days but not with noses). Anyway after 2 1/2hrs in AE it was concluded that DS had either snorted the offending pea up and over so to speak or had snorted it out when we wern't looking. The doctor there mentioned alipiggie's tip he called it the 'mummy's kiss' SIL texted us nect day to say she had just had a child in with a raisin up each nostril!!!! Needless to say DS though it was very funny (strangely we didn't!!)

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