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2 year old and new baby due any day need advice !!!!!

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sambrads Wed 24-Sep-08 21:23:33

my ds is 2 tomorrow and i am due on tuesday!!

i am really worried on how he will react with the new baby . can someone please tell me what you should and should not do when ds comes to hospital to meet his sister and when we get home ???

i keep hearing horror stories of how my ds willbecome really withdrawn and bad tempered surely there is a reason for this ???

bigdonna Wed 24-Sep-08 21:27:26

there is 21 month between my ds and dd and i had no problems,there was no jealousy he really loved her,i treated them both like babies they both had nappies and my ds took it all in his stride we did buy him a present off his sister he was def not withdrawn or bad tempered.

gemmiegoatlegs Wed 24-Sep-08 21:28:07

i can't say it was easy for us sam, my ds was 2y 1m when dd was born. he was fine is hospital visiting but was horrified that i had the gall to actually bring her home! The only advice I can give is to make sure your visitors don't fuss the baby before they've said hello to ds. I also left dd asleep in her car seat and went straight in to help ds with his tea ( I had only given birth that morning but I felt it was important to maintain his routine)

Even if it's not easy to begin with, they'll be bickering and bashing each other before you know it!

Good luck with the birth

gemmiegoatlegs Wed 24-Sep-08 21:29:17

oh, also give him very small jobs to do. my ds liked feeling important

babblington Wed 24-Sep-08 21:30:30

2 years and 7 days between my two dd's and never had a problem (well, that I didn't create rather than them!). Presents from baby to older sibling and go out together and chose a present together from older sibling to baby. First 6 months will be tough regardless, but now, 2 years later, they are as thick as thieves and just as much trouble together - but they adore each other. grin

charmedmum Wed 24-Sep-08 21:32:34

I must admit the gap I have between my two children is slightly larger, (3 years) We bought my eldest son a present from his brother when he was born and he thought that is was great and very thoughtfull. Now adays they do bicker but deep down they really get on. I certainly dont think that it will affect them that much, it will take time for all of you to adjust not just your eldest child. Good luck I'm sure things will go well. Hope the birth goes well.

tudorrose Wed 24-Sep-08 21:48:43

I have 23 months between DD2 and DD3 and it has been fine, even with DD3 having CF and needing more attention than your average newborn! I agree that its really hard work initially, but I found it easier to keep to our routines and things we were used to doing, so got up to go to toddler groups for DD2 after being up all night feeding. I just drooped in the corner with a cup of tea while DD2 ran round! And it does help to make the older one feel useful with jobs even tho it all takes twice as long! It will be lovely honest! Good luck smile

ale233 Wed 24-Sep-08 21:56:10

We have a 25 month gap between ours and our eldest was fine from the start. She knew there was a baby in Mummys tummy that would come out!! She cant remember him not being here now. She's 3 in October and he is 1 in November

tudorrose Wed 24-Sep-08 21:57:54

Oh, and at the hospital when DD2 visited I made sure I wasn't holding the baby just like everyone says only it didnt work. That was Grandmas job and when DD2 saw this she said "that's mummys baby, give her back!" grin

blueskythinker Wed 24-Sep-08 22:05:39

23 months between ours and my DD was fine. She brought a pressie for the new baby to the hospital, and I made a point of meeting her & Daddy in the corridor in hospital without DS, and we all went into the room and saw DS lying in the cot. It helped that there was also a pressie for her in the cot!

Now however, 16 months on, they fight like cat & dog grin.

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