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my grumpy 1 year old- any advice

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may08 Wed 24-Sep-08 16:06:56

Hi I'm new to this site and I'm hoping from some advice from anyone who may have been in my situation.

My little boy is 1 year old and has been grumpy from day 1. I always thought that it was because he was frustrated and wanted to get about but he can crawl (and has just started to cruise) but he constantly cries - not just whinging but full blown screaming. I can only think that he gets bored incredibly quickly but I hardly spend any time in the house because I can rarely put him down without starting him off. I've tried everything - more food, less food, more naps, less naps but nothing seems to make any difference. I spend most of the day out visiting people (max stay 1 hour) and shopping and going to tescos etc.. Its awful to moan about him so much because he does have happy moments but unfortunately they dont last very long - usually 20 mins if we are at home (and thats if you are constantly playing with him). Even when we are out I have to keep moving in the pram - no coffee stops allowed! My shoulders and back ache soo much from carrying him around as hes a heavy boy.
I'm sorry for the rant but I just feel so desperate as I really thought things would be a bit easier by now and that he might amuse himself for short periods of time. I'm dreading the winter as it will mean being in the house more! I do love him to bits but feel like a failure for not having any idea why my lo is soo unhappy. I've tried leaving him to cry but he gets in such a state and then vomits or chokes and then I end up crying and have to take him out to calm him down!
On the positive side he does sleep thru the night - roll on 7pm!

sneekpeeks Wed 24-Sep-08 16:32:17

Poor luv !!

Believe me, you are not alone.
DS ia 16mths old and was the same from day 1. Gradually has got better since able to walk at 13mths old, but still now has moments where NOTHING is right and I end up in tears with him !!

Just the same is a great sleeper and will sleep from 7pm til 6.30 am ish.

When is lovely, is REALLY lovely and I couldnt want for a better child smile

wasabipeanut Wed 24-Sep-08 16:37:44

Have you read the Baby Whisperer books about baby "personality"? Grumpy is one of the types she gives. Whilst I don't agree with slavish devotion to baby books I have personally found her observations quite helpful - my own DS falls into the Spirited category which can be quite a handful at times.

Most times.

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