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Extreme dark moods, talking of suicide in 9 year old boy

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babalon Wed 24-Sep-08 15:37:21

I have just come back from DS1's school where I had been asked to meet with his class teacher and head. He has been shutting down (not talking or doing anything) when he is asked to do things he's not happy about. He has always had a tendancy to do this but it is getting worse at home and even more so at school.

He refused last week to write 5 sentences in literacy and refused to do anything. The head toke him to his office and made them do it there. He wrote
I hate my life and want to die
I will commit suicide
I hate all teachers in this school
My life is miserable
Why can't I just be able to die

A few times over the summer his big sister(11) wond him up and he lost the plot once kicking my front door in and another 2 times getting knifes out of the draw and threatening to stab DD.

He is a very bright sensitive child and is the one who causes me least trouble. Very cuddly. His home live is very stable me and DH don't argue he plays football goes to cubs and is popular.

Last year he was admitted into hospital with croup like symptons on the second day in the staff wouldn't give him any treatment as his breathing got worst and he ended up arresting and ventilated on icu for 4 days. I would say his shut downs and moods have got more extreme and dark since then but that could just be a coincidence

I don't know what to do because he shuts down if we try to talk to him and says nothing is wrong. School head says theres no point them refering him to phycologist because the waiting list is too long. How do I handle this before he hurts himself or someone else?

Sorry it's so long thanks for reading

LittleMyDancingForJoy Wed 24-Sep-08 15:50:50

Oh babalon this must be so worrying for you sad

I have no experience of this, but if the school won't help with referrals can your GP help with treatment or referral? Surely the fact that he's threatened you and your DD means he should get fast tracked to some sort of help.

It does sound like he needs something to help him cope with life ups and downs.

Big hugs (I know they're not very MN, but in this case you sound like you need them)

LittleMyDancingForJoy Wed 24-Sep-08 15:52:00

I'm sure there's a recognised psychological condition for people who have had scary life threatening experiences - I'll have a fish around and see what I can find.

DorisIsAPinkDragon Wed 24-Sep-08 15:55:53

Disn't want to leave this unanswered but regardless of waiting list this little boy needs help!

I would suggest and urgent appt with your GP for urgent psychiatric care there is something in his life he is not dealing with... that is making him desperatly unhappy

if no joy from your GP do you still have the cintact details of the icu consultant as a pead specialist he may have some avenue of help for you

I really feel for you and hope you get some help and support soon

and angry at the school for their complete lack of support and awareness.

mamadiva Wed 24-Sep-08 15:56:32

I used to work in an after school club and we had a child about the same age who used to draw pictures of her grave and her hanging form a tree etc then leave them where we would find the was horrible

She was refferred to a phsycologist(sp?) and was diagnosed with depression. So possibly a cause?

By the sounds of it was kind of traumatic in the hospital too, post traumatic stress syndrome or some form of panic attacks maybe?

Got o your GP and get refferred to phsycoogist even if list is long at least he's on it.

I hope something works out for you hugs from me too x

babalon Wed 24-Sep-08 17:13:27

Thanks for replys and support.

I posted this on parenting aswell and have made appointment a GP next wednesday. He's come home without a care in the world but it just takes one little thing and he'll shut down. I wish he'd got some support when he came out of hospital but it was very much your better now Goodbye sad

Onestonetogo Wed 24-Sep-08 17:21:48

Message withdrawn

dittany Wed 24-Sep-08 17:29:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sasamax Wed 24-Sep-08 17:58:08

Keep the pressure on unti they refer him. The poor wee thing! Don't let them fob you off.

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