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walking on long is this normal, when should I be concerned?

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madmarriedNika Wed 24-Sep-08 12:29:54

DS is 3.5yrs, and has loved walking on his tiptoes eversince he learnt to walk. He stands with heels down, and occassionally walks like this too (i.e. normally!)- but mainly runs or dances about on tiptoes. I'm sure I read somewhere this is fairly common and not to be concerned until they are 5 or so, but I have a friend who was a serious gymnast and explained that his hamstrings will be tighter from all his tiptoe-ing and perhaps we should do "more" to get him to walk properly with the normal foot action. Now I'm worried.

Advice please!!
(PS. he is very active, constantly running, jumping,climbing and I'd say his gross motor development is very good generally, excellent balance etc., can pedal a bike etc.)

TheSoapEatersMum Wed 24-Sep-08 13:44:42

My DD is 9 and still does this, wearing shoes, without shoes, at home, in public, all the time in fact!

No one seems to be very consistant in their advice; She has seen a doctor who said "Ah well its good practice for when she wears high heels" shock (this was when she was 6)
When I had DS my health visitor noticed, seem quite concerned and asked me to make an appointment to see a doctor ( I had moved areas by this point) this doctor advised me to keep reminding her to put her feet flat to prevent her ankle muscles weakening( if I remember that right) and wear well fitting shoes. Apart from that though she said there was no physical problem.

I would take him to your gp though, because sometimes (I believe) it can be due to having short Achilles tendons so it's prob best to check smile

Sorry if this is a bit rambly, I have a shouty DS in the room!

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