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That old chestnut...potty training

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BeckyBendyLegs Tue 23-Sep-08 17:42:11

I'm sure this sort of thing has been asked hundreds of times here but here DS2 is 2 1/2 or just over and he seems ready to say goodbye to the nappies. So he's been in pants more or less for about a month now. He's great with wees (although doesn't ask for the potty - just does a wee when I place him on the potty) but has no idea with poos. Should I just stop, put him back in nappies, and try again later? DS1 didn't come out of nappies until he was 3 years old (he didn't show any signs of being ready until then plus DS2 was born when he was 2 1/2) and we struggled with him. He did really well initially and was 'potty trained' in 2 weeks but then totally regressed and we struggled for about 8 weeks. I tried reward charts, praising him for every use of the toilet or potty, etc but it took him ages and eventually it just clicked with him. So I'm wondering whether DS2 is too young. It's just that he does so well with wees and loves wearing his pants it feels like I should encourage him as much as I can and persevere. Any advice most welcome!

BlessThisMess Wed 24-Sep-08 10:00:08

I don't think you should go back to nappies. If he's loving his pants I think you will knock his confidence.

Does he have any sort of regularity about when he does a poo? Can you try and anticipate when it might happen and put him on the potty in advance? Have you got books about using the potty that you can read with him while he sits there?

Sorry I haven't got more suggestions, but I didn't want you to go unanswered. My first DD potty-trained at 2 years 1 month, and my second DD was about 3+ years, so they are all very different. If DS2 is doing well with wees, I think you should persevere a bit longer. Good luck!

mamadiva Wed 24-Sep-08 10:13:55

My DS is 2.3YO and I tried to get him to sit on the potty but he wont do it so they really are all different I'd love to get it done.

Flibbertyjibbet Wed 24-Sep-08 10:25:58

ds1 was 2.5, trained in a couple of days, regressed for a few weeks and has been fine.
DS2 is just about trained now, he was 2.3yo and I was just SICK of washing nappies. It has taken weeks, but once you get them weeing on a potty and happy to wear pants, then I think there's no going back.
DS2 still poos in his pants about once a week but is getting better.
We just used to say 'never mind' and clean him (and the clothes and the floor sometimes!) up. THen after a while he would disapper and we'd hear a little voice say 'never mind' in the bathroom. He would still have pooed in his pants but he got the idea that it should be in the loo/potty. Its taken about 6 months for him to realise in advance when one is about to happen! If he has an upset tum though, runny poo = no warning at all and they can't help that.
Encouragement is the thing, the reward chart didn't work but got some dinosaur stickers and he could stick one of those on 'his' sheet of paper. He loves dinosaurs so that helped more than the chart i made with stars and stuff.
Is your son into anything in particular? The £ shop near me has sets of stickers and sticker albums for quite a few childrens characters. Can get you one and post to you if that might help?

BeckyBendyLegs Wed 24-Sep-08 17:57:55

Lol at the little voice saying 'never mind' in the bathroom! I might try the sticker thing, he loves stickers. Thanks everyone for your help .

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