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self feeding

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squeezy Sat 26-Feb-05 23:07:37

My 23 month old has no interest in using a spoon or a fork.He hates mealtimes and it is a fight to get him to eat most of the time.Anyone else having this problem or any one got any tips.

Merlot Sun 27-Feb-05 00:32:56

My ds2 ia 17 months and started off self feeding toast at about 8 months, but after a month break, wont self feed anything either. I too would be grateful for tips....

KarenThirl Sun 27-Feb-05 08:35:08

I'd say don't rush it. Do your kids finger-feed? If so then I wouldnt' worry - learning to use cutlery will come later. If in doubt think ahead - how many 14 year olds do you know who can't use cutlery?! It comes in the end.

When they're older and have the concept of 'grown-up' activities, they'll be more likely to want to cooperate and be like other kids. I reckon 23 mths is maybe too soon to have grasped that.

eidsvold Sun 27-Feb-05 09:53:32

my dd1 has just started to use a spoon and fork and she is 2 1/2..

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