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Painful wind

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IVFangieb Tue 18-Feb-03 23:12:09

Can anyone give me any advice. My 4 month old has painful - farts - sorry!! He doesn't have colic as such but gets dreadful pain and screams until he passes wind and then the pain seems to go. He is do windy I can't understand where all the wind is coming from!! Any thoughts. He is still on formula milk and some solids such as baby rice.

Bozza Wed 19-Feb-03 10:57:00

I'm afraid I can hardly remember this far back (DS is 2 tomorrow after all!) but I think wind - from either end - is very common in babies. You could try changing formula brands, or baby rice but it probably won't work. It also might be worth a try with one of the colic medicines or gripe water. Or you could try winding him to get the wind up before it works its way down. Not sure if any of these will work but can do no harm to try. DS is still very windy - every time he bends over one pops out.

Cityfreak Wed 19-Feb-03 12:36:53

We had this problem until he was nearly 3. It gets a lot better as the baby gets bigger and can understand that the pain will pass. I used gripe water liberally, and sometimes had to give him calpol. When the baby relaxes, then the wind comes out more easily, but when he gets all scared and panicky, and tenses up, the problem gets worse. Try your best to keep calm and reassure him. I also used to massage his tummy, and could feel the air bubbles working their way down. The best plan is for the wind to come up by mouth asap, but I know sometimes that doesn't seem to happen. In our case it wasn't affected by diet, as he was breastfed for ages and I weaned him really carefully, but just seemed to be part of his growing up.

gingernut Wed 19-Feb-03 14:12:55

Our ds also had painful wind as a young baby. After a while he seemed to grow out of it (probably around 6 months or so). We tried a different formula (C&G Omneo Comfort, which is supposed to be easier to digest and did seem to help a bit) and infacol to help bring up the wind in his stomach. Also, my baby massage lady suggested massaging his tummy in a clockwise direction to help with the wind that is formed in the gut during digestion.


SofiaAmes Wed 19-Feb-03 20:45:25

I am having the same problem with my dd now 5 mo. I am exclusively bfing her. On the advice of my paediatrician in the states I started her about 10 days ago on one bottle a day of a formula called Enfamil AR and she is still breast fed the rest of the time. She has shown almost a complete turnaround. There is almost no crying anymore even though the farts are still there (and still as stinky). Enfamil AR has rice starch in it to help keep the formula down as the paediatrician seemed to think the problem was reflux rather than the farts. And I think she was right. It isn't widely available, but your pharmacy can order it in. It's kept behind the counter anyway, not with the other formulas.

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