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Good toys for and games to play with my 6 mo DS?

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HolidaysQueen Tue 23-Sep-08 12:03:29

My DS is 6mo next week and is now sitting up well unaided and able to reach and grab for things. We've realised that some of his toys are probably a bit too passive for him now or, like his baby gym, are still favourites but not appropriate for him when sitting up. He has a door bouncer which he loves but I don't want him to spend too long in that.

I'm feeling a bit stuck in a rut with the games I play with him - peekaboo, tickle toes, pull silly faces etc. We sing a lot which he enjoys, but I want to start doing new games with him. I badly want to read to him, but at the moment he is going through a drawn out teething phase so books are only enjoyed if they're being chomped to oblivion in his mouth hmm so I'll probably hold off on that for a while.

Can you recommend any good toys to get for him, games to play with him etc.? I'm just feeling a bit clueless at the moment!

bluesatinsash Tue 23-Sep-08 13:00:11

hmm, my DS was six months Christmas 2006 and the best toys for him then were:

wooden chunky train from ELC - great fun pulling apart and putting together - he stil plays with it now!

bouncy hanging from door thingy

musical table that your DS can pull himself up to (the top usually comes off so he can play with top until he has leg strength

blocks in general

Is amazing how you forget it all!! I do remember reading alot to him expecially anything to do with diggers/tractors etc.

Have fun!

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