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Sons dramatic behaviour

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birty Mon 22-Sep-08 14:56:29

My son is 9 and since he was little when he fell over or was scared of something e.g spiders he would go hysterical as if someone was about to murder him! I thought he would grow out of these out bursts but hasn't and I'm getting concerned as I don't want school friends teasing or picking on him because he seems to cry a lot when he's hurt himself. He plays football and is very good but when he's injured I think oh no not again because he makes such a big deal of it. May be his pain threshold is very low? I've tried talking to him about it and said to count until the pain goes and fight the tears away. I'm not bothered if he cries but he goes on for ages about it. Sometimes I think he cries when he looses a game of footie too. Need some advise on how to deal with this and whether I need professional help?

suzywong Mon 22-Sep-08 15:00:19

hmmm... my ds1 used to be a bit like this

what is his dad's attitude/model over this issue?

chunkychips Mon 22-Sep-08 15:00:45

Message withdrawn

anyfucker Mon 22-Sep-08 15:02:04

I have one of these dramatic sons. He is 8.

He goes ballistic at the smallest thing, its actually got worse in the last year or so. I was hoping it was a phase <sigh>

He also seems to have no "shame" about his outbursts. He doesn't care if people are watching, even his schoolfriends and family. Its bloody wearing as I'm sure you know!

The other day, he "developed" a fear of woodlice after just seeing one. He now has a fully-developed phobia which his sister takes great delight in reinforcing!

Grit your teeth and wait for it to pass <she says hopefully>

birty Mon 22-Sep-08 17:02:40

my son developed a phobia of spiders after he thought a spider was on his head at the allotments, he was hysterical and after that sometimes I think he imaged he seen a spider and scream. I took him to the doctors and the doctor referred him to a specialist for him to over come this fear. The therapy did help but still occasionally he goes all funny when he see's a spider or daddy long legs. His dad is embarrassed and says he doesn't enjoy taking him football any more because nine times out of ten he cries. I tried ignoring him after I could see he wasn't badly hurt as I thought may be he was attention seeking. People know my son as a bit of a drama king. i don't want him going to secondary school with this behaviour. Help

mindfulmama Tue 23-Sep-08 12:58:48

Have you thought he might have generalised anxiety? maybe he could do with looking at some of the books about worries, like when my worries get too big etc... there are some great ones on Amazon..then he may feel better able to talk about how he feels rather than just reacting?
good luck

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