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Help needed pls guys!!! dd is constantly getting our her car seat straps - know there have been threads b4 but......

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steph101 Sat 20-Sep-08 18:42:12

This Sungsit/hugfit thing can not be found anywhere and I am seriously getting worried about this. I can turn around and dd will be sat, happy as larry with her arms free from the straps and as much as i re - srap her in, give it 10 mins and shes out again. I do it as tight as the straps will allow - to the point where i feel like im pinning the poor child in too tight but still she gets out!! Any ideas please?

steph101 Sat 20-Sep-08 20:26:23

Come on guys someone must have some ideas!!!???

reiver Sat 20-Sep-08 21:02:46

There is a product developed for children with special needs on this site which may be of use to you - look on the optional extras page. I haven't used one though. Has anyone else?
I know that many people advise against the use of any device on safety grounds and suggest you have to "train" your child to keep the straps in place. Easier said than done!

MrsMopple Sat 20-Sep-08 22:56:05

My ds did this for a while and what I did in the end was buy a cupboard lock from Mothercare (will do a link in a min). I know you're not supposed to put anything across a harness in case of needing to free your child quickly in an emergency, but I decided that ds was far more likely to get hurt by not being strapped in than I was to have an accident. I'd do the straps on the car seat, then tell him that if he got his arms out, I'd put the clip on. Needless to say, he was usually free by the time I sat down, so I'd go and put the clip across the straps (it meant that he couldn't get his arms under them to free himself). He hated having the clip on and would say so, and it wasn't nice to have a crying child in the back of the car, but it only took a few trips before he stopped doing it, because the threat of having the clip on was enough. If he freed himself once we'd set off, I'd pull over as soon as I could and then put the clip on.
cabinet lock

steph101 Mon 22-Sep-08 09:34:30

Thank you!! x

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