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4 month old cries when held by anyone else.

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Ebb Thu 18-Sep-08 22:17:38

My 4mth old Ds is a sensitive soul - quite high maintenance. He cries if held by anyone other than my Dp and myself. I always have to make excuses that he's tired or hungry but the grandparents are getting a bit paranoid and friends just think he's a grump! I know babies become aware of 'strangers' but didn't think it was so early! I'm not pfb ( well okay if I'm honest I quite like being wanted grin) and would like to at least be able to leave him with granparents so we can go out for an evening. Anyone else got a sensitive baby? And what's the best way to socialize the little guy without stressing him out?

mamazee Fri 19-Sep-08 01:22:26

my ds not like this but have friend who found the Dr Sears stuff on fussy babies really helpful

bugger what other people think. i think its really normal for them that young.

good luck.

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