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not liking daddy??

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fairimum Thu 18-Sep-08 21:01:00

DD is now just 4 months and in the last couple of weeks hasnt been smiling at daddy like she used to and when going int he bath with him will scream, i mean really really scream! whereas if i take her in she is fine, same thing whatever time of day and regardless of if she is happy beforehand! I had to go out last night for about an hour over bedtime she was fine, had been in the bath with me, ready for bed and having her last bottle when I left, apparently she started screaming as I left and still was when I got in, I calmed her (didn't take long) and put her down (still awake) and she went to sleep as usual.

Tonight she was really happy and thought Rob would take her in the bath, but before he even got her undressed she was screaming, i went up calmed her got her undressed and within minutes of handing her to Rob in the bath screaming again (and real tears!) - got her washed and i dressed her and put her to bed!

I am not sure what to do now - she is 'ok'ish when sat downstairs playing etc - but not her normal cherpy self... Rob used to take her in the bath everyday but it has become more and more me as he sits on computer and when he holds her he just lets her sit there and plays computer/watches tv - he is playing/talking to her a bit more but i really have to encourage him to do it.... any ideas??? what else can i do?? is it just him needing to spend more time with her??

Lowfat Fri 19-Sep-08 08:29:54

How sad for all of you.

My DS (1) is a total mummies boy, but since DD has started school this week and I have ben working AM instead of PM this week he has had his daddy all to himself. And in the short space of 4 days he is as happy with his daddy as he is with me and in some cases more so.

Perhaps get your DD and daddy to spend more time alone together and remind your DP/DH that even young babies like chatter and smiles, not just cuddles and telly watching. He really needs to interact with her.

I would be worried if not that what is happeneing will spiral. DD will get more unhappy about going to daddy and he will get even more dis-engaged because she only cries with him.

Fingers crossed for you smile

ChopsTheDuck Fri 19-Sep-08 08:34:23

It will pass. I have dts and one has always been closer to Daddy, and one is a Mummy's boy. They go through phases of clinginess and the fact that they prefer one over the other can be especially obvious!
I'd leave the bathing thing for a while, as forcing the issue isn;t going to help. Try to make other quality time but don't make too much of an issue out of it.
I think the important thing is that your dh doesnt feel pushed out, and that he understands it is just a phase.

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