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Miaou Fri 25-Feb-05 13:26:36

I'll try and keep this short but I'm a terrible waffler....

dd2 is 6 and now has her own room. I have always encouraged the dds to take as much responsibility as they are able to, and they are expected to make their beds, put dirty clothes to wash and tidy up their rooms when they have been playing (which they do quite happily). This was fine whilst they both shared a room, but now dd2 is finding this quite difficult. It's pretty obvious to me that dd1 (who is a very organised tidy person) has been giving her a lot of help previously! Thing is, I'm finding it difficult to "help" her with this - I've instituted a "place for everything and everything in its place" rule, but she seems to get a bit lost sometimes and I know I am not terribly patient with her .

Two things - can you help me with some more strategies to help her be tidier?

Also - am I expecting too much of her, re tidying her own room at her age?



tigermoth Sat 26-Feb-05 09:12:35

Hi Miaou, I think yo've done really well getting your dd's to clean their shared room ( was it your oldest dd who likes cleaning the holiday chatlets?).

As you're asking, I personally would not expect my 5.5 ds to clean his bedroom by himself in one go. I know he would run out of steam and start playing with the toys he was meant to be packing away. I know he would do small tasks, so I would break the cleaning and tidying down into tiny bits. I'd probably help him but try and do this less and less once he had a routine going.

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