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Tall toddler - when do I go from group1 to group 2 car seat?

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forevared Tue 16-Sep-08 14:10:09

DS1 is very tall for his age and I noticed this morning the top of his head is now above the top of his group 1 car seat. Do I go up to group 2 now or is it when his eye level is above the top of the seat? Can't remember!

Seeline Tue 16-Sep-08 14:14:18

It's usually dependent on their weight rather than height.

crokky Tue 16-Sep-08 14:16:46

eyes level with top of seat.

must then be 15kgs for group 2. if too light, get a group 1/2/3 combination seat so he is still in his 5 point harness but has theprotection of the large back & sides on gp 2.

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