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Please - reassure me.

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Amanda3266 Thu 24-Feb-05 17:27:17

My DS is 2 years and 2 months and still does not have much in the way of recognisable speech. He has several words he can say if you prompt him and he says Mum and Dad but is certainly not linking words together. He babbles a lot during play for example with his toy phone and has long pretend conversations - all in his own language/babytalk. Doesn't seem to say anything recognisable though for day to day stuff. He interacts well and is very affectionate. His comprehension is good and he loves being read to.
Am I being an overanxious panicky Mum?
I did think of ringing my HV today but have put it off. Keep thinking that I am sure it's fine and that he'll do it in his own time etc. And then I have another wobble about it. I am a HV myself and keep trying to think if I would worry if he wasn't my child and I think I'd feel he was fine as he has good comprehension - then the neurotic mother steps in and starts worrying.

Just wondered when other people noticed speech in their children.

Of course it has been made worse today by recieving a load of "What's normal" leaflets from our Speech and Language people about development which says that by two "your child will probably have a vocab of 50+ words and be stringing two words or more together". My one is nowhere near this advanced. (Then I wonder about the wisdom of giving these leaflets out and worrying other parents).

Am I being a neurotic mother?


tortoiseshell Thu 24-Feb-05 17:31:47

If his comprehension is good then I wouldn't worry too much. My HV said at ds' 2 year check that it didn't matter too much where they were at with their speech, it was the progress that mattered - so as long as he is making progress it's probably ok! She said that speech therapists look at that as well. Ds was a slow talker to start with, but he is very fluent now, and amazes me with what he says. His friend who was an early talker (and scared me SO much when compared to ds) is much the same - they even out. If it's any comfort, my dh said he said no words at all till 2 and a half, and then just came out with a sentence, which freaked his mum out!

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Thu 24-Feb-05 17:32:09

Personally, I think you should relax. He's only just gone 2. His words will come. He's babbling away on his mobile so he clearly knows what speech is. Just keep talking away (but unlike me let your ds get a word in) and all will be fine. You know it will. You're a good mum, doing all the right things.

flamesparrow Thu 24-Feb-05 18:07:07

I had been getting worried about my DD - 21 months and seemed to have hardly any words compared to her friends. After asking advice on a website two mummies told me that their's had hardly any words at all until 4, and are now up with the others the same age!

It will come...


Dahlia Thu 24-Feb-05 18:18:31

You're not being neurotic at all. Those "whats normal" leaflets certainly don't apply to my dd, she is 21 months and can only say hello and all gone! But she too babbles all the time so I reckon she is ok. Your ds sounds fine to me!

Jimjams Thu 24-Feb-05 18:30:48

being a HV have you come across the CHAT test? if he passes that (and sounds to me like he does) and would have passed it at 18 months then I don't think you need to worry.

At his age overall communication and understanding of language is far more important than speech.

Dior Thu 24-Feb-05 18:32:26

Message withdrawn

Amanda3266 Thu 24-Feb-05 18:37:25

Many thanks everyone - don't know what I'd do without this site. It was all made worse today by the nursery manager telling me that DS was still in the Toddler room because his speech "isn't quite there yet". I can understand the wisdom of that - I've no wish for him to be dumped bewildered into the bigger room. I think it just fed in to all the little niggling worries at the back of my mind. She didn't actually say DS speech was behind - just my neurotic thinking.

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