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Is it me? Feeling a bit rejected by 6 month old

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whereispingusnose Tue 16-Sep-08 12:43:13

I'm starting to feel a bit rejected by ds2. Felt like we'd bonded really well but this last week or 2 I've started to feel like he's bored of me, doesn't always respond to me when I try the usual interactions with him and saves his biggest smiles for dh and ds1. He tends to look past me and rarely smiles for me anymore.
I'm wondering if it's something in me, maybe I've not done things quite right with him, or if he is just bored with me.
Anyone else ever feel this, and is it normal?

nickytwotimes Tue 16-Sep-08 12:45:56

Are you the one who is around all day? If so, that's probably all it is.

Ewe Tue 16-Sep-08 12:46:02

My six month old DD is like this and it has only happened recently, I'm calling it a phase and hoping she grows out of it and remembers that I'm the best.

merryberry Tue 16-Sep-08 12:54:26

normal. it means they do feel securely bonded, you are part of their world utterly securely. congratulate yourself on job well done and enjoy them getting closer to others. and look forward to them gracing you with major seperation anxiety in a couple of months when they realise you HOWL leave and YELP come back

monthlymayhem Tue 16-Sep-08 13:25:32

Mine is exactly the same and is 6mths this week. With the weather being so cr*p the last couple of days, he has been getting really bored being in the house with me, and is nearly sick with excitement when his daddy comes home.

However, I did leave him with my mum for a couple of hours at the weekend, and when I went to pick him up I got massive smiles, so think he was pleased to see me

roseability Tue 16-Sep-08 13:41:19

My 2.5 year old DS has never been clingy and I have never been his favourite. We bonded fine, I adore him and we do lots of fun stuff together (I am at home most of time) but he is just very independent.

I used to get very upset as he never cried when I left him with people (always close relatives) and never looked pleased when I came back. When Daddy is around I am pretty muched ignored. However I have learnt that he is just very secure and this may make for a better relationship between us when he is older/grown up.

I have interests of my own which I pursue happily because I know I can leave him with grandparents/uncles/daddy and he will be happy.

So I know how you feel but i'm sure it is normal!

whereispingusnose Wed 17-Sep-08 09:51:31

Thanks, your answers mean a lot. He's now got a cold and feeling grumpy so I'm now flavour of the month again. Guess all boys want their mum when they're feeling poorly!

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