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how much are you feeding your baby

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hollygiz1 Sat 13-Sep-08 09:03:48

my little girl is 11 weeks 1 day and is currently on 6 oz 5 times in 24 hrs she crys abit now after a feed and seems likes she wants more, dont want to over feed her is 7 oz alot for this age, she also was sleep from about 10 o clock on a night untill 5ish but now she is waking about 2.30 and not settling back any ideas on this, we thought we were in a routine but seem to have gone back a few steps.

lulumama Sat 13-Sep-08 09:08:02

if she is finishing her bottles, then give offer an extra ounce.. if she takes too much, she will bring it back, but as she gets older and bigger, she will take more milk

do you feed her at 02.30?

a routine for a newborn cannot be set in stone, growth spurts are frequent. so , if she is waking and is hungry, feed her! if she is finishing her feeds, offer more..

best thing you can do is respond to her needs each day, not expect each day to be the same, IFYSWM?

hollygiz1 Sat 13-Sep-08 09:17:32

well i try to settle her but she dosnt so i feed her her longest period without a feed seems to be after her 3rd feed i feed her at 4pm and then she goes till 10pm cos i wake her then for her last feed so we can try and get a gud stretch, is this a gud idea it

hollygiz1 Sat 13-Sep-08 09:36:53

do you think she could be teething as she has started sucking on her fist alot or is it too early

pudding25 Sat 13-Sep-08 11:13:21

Do you feed her in between 4pm and 10pm?

I would try and give her a proper bedtime routine to be in bed around 7pm. bath her and feed her with a feed around 6-6.30pm, then give her a dreamfeed around 10.30/11pm.

hollygiz1 Sat 13-Sep-08 11:20:43

whats a dream feed so would you give her bottle even if shes not hungry at 7

lulumama Sat 13-Sep-08 11:27:07

she needs feeding in the night, that is why she is waking. dream feeds can work for some , not for others. if she wakes, offer milk...

sucking fist could be to self soothe

5 feeds in 24 hours is not a huge amount for an 11 week old

if she is finishing 7 oz regularly, then give 8 oz, filling her tummy and feeding responsively will help her find her own routine eventually.

if a baby is hungry, nothing other thna milk will soothe and settle and it is not unusual for a baby to feed in the night at this age

hollygiz1 Sat 13-Sep-08 11:49:05

so you dont think she is on too much milk, i wanted to find out how much milk other peoples babys on was just curios, so you think 6 feeds is more normal

MyDingaling Sat 13-Sep-08 12:06:56

My 7 week DD2 is having 5 feeds of 6 ounces and for the past three days has finished every bottle. We are going to start to increase to 7 ounces in the next bottle. If she doesn't want it she won't drink it.

lulumama Sat 13-Sep-08 12:09:30

i don;t think she is having too much at all. her stomach is still small and needs feeding frequently

if you were breastfeeding, you would not be able to measure how much she was getting, she would feed until she was satisfied, so don;t get too hung up on specific amounts and how much other people's babies take

your baby will take what is right for her when you feed her responsively

also, some days she will be hungrier than others, same as we adults !

hollygiz1 Sat 13-Sep-08 15:37:16

think ill put her upto 7 then think she will down that too he he

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