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What would you do?

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Beadgirl Fri 12-Sep-08 18:47:49

I'n not sure if this is the right topic but here goes anyway...

DD is in Y8, as is my friend's DD. Neither are very streetwise/confident.

last year they had 3 days where their school was closed and my friend and I were at work. Each time my friend's DD came here and they spent the morning alone at our house. My friend finished work at lunch time, she then came and picked them up and they spent the afternoon with her at their house.

My DD and her DD are very differnt; big differnce in maturity; big difference in concentration; big difference in tolerance of others. But they kind of get on OK, most of the time.

On Thursday we will have one of these days where the DDS are off and we are at work. We haven't had a conversation to make arrangements yet.
DD has just told me that friend's DD said to her "Guess what I'm doing when we are off?" .... "I am staying at home in the morning on my own. Then I am spending the afternoon with my mum, on my own. What are you doing?"

DD just said she didn't know.

The thing is DD has said each time previously that she didn't want to do something together but I have asked her to put up with it as it is only one day etc and they can keep each other company etc. So here is a way out of it. I know my friend won't mwntion it to me at all so...

here is the question --what should I do?
-say nothing and just arrange something for my DD
-ask my friend if we are doing the usual
- ring say my DD wants to do her own thing
- ask her if her DD doesn't want to do something together

Beadgirl Fri 12-Sep-08 19:38:25

anyone? please

erwfran Fri 12-Sep-08 19:57:13

if you are worried that your friend doesnt know that her DD is going to be on her own then i would ring and just let her know that you've arranged something for your dd based on what HER dd said, that way you've alrady arranged something so its a get out clause for your DD and you've absolved yourself of any responsibility

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