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2 and a half yr old dropping day time nap - inconsolable all afternoon

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lu9months Tue 22-Feb-05 20:30:56

my son still really needs a good (hour and a half) nap at lunch time. 3 days a week we have a nanny, and on these days he goes straight to sleep and she has to wake him. on days when I am at home, he refuses to even come up to his room or go in his cot, and wont even have 'quiet time' on the sofa. consequently, all afternoon he is terrible, literally screaming, unable to play, tantrums etc, and I am finding it hard to take. wont go out in buggy. I am unkeen to put him in the car, or my 4 month old will sleep too (he sleeps anyway in the morning). anyone had similar? help!!

gscrym Tue 22-Feb-05 20:46:15

Does your nanny do anythign differently to you? You could try reading him a story. Does he have a favourite toy? Try getting him to put his toy to bed as the toy is tired, then try a story. Might work. My DS is the same and I dread when he gives up his nap. It's the only quiet time I get.

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