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teething - does this sound normal to you?

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bluestripes Tue 09-Sep-08 09:11:27

DS has 8 teeth and is now getting the molars through. When he was getting his front teeth, he would be pretty unhappy but not overly distressed. Last night however he was fine when he went to bed but then woke up about 10pm and then screamed in agony until 5am this morning. He would stop and drop off to sleep then wake 10 mins later screaming etc etc all night. He was screaming and kicking out like I have never seen him do before. We tried calpol and nurofen and nothing seemed to make any difference. He got up this morning and seems to be right as rain and is playing with his toys and totally happy - does this sound like teething to you and did you find nurofen or calpol worked for your lo's?

kateandjames Tue 09-Sep-08 09:22:28

trapped wind?

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