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Car seat and Pushchair Allergy - any advice?

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sasamax Mon 08-Sep-08 17:49:29

Any advice would be gratefully received.
DS hated the pushchair until 6 mths and the car until 12 mths.
I tried toys, mirrors, music, singing, books, sitting beside him, ignoring it etc etc but nothing seemed to work. I just had to wait until he decided he didn't mind them any more.
I couldn't believe my bad luch when DD (12 wks) is now showing same symptoms. I once again find myself in the situation where I can't go anywhere and this time I HAVE to find a solution since I need to take DS to his groups and things and can't stay at home all the time. She takes a dummy but it doesn't really help and I've tried her in various pushchairs - she just plain doesn't want to be there.
People think I'm making it up as 'all babies love the car' - please help!!!!

Notsochilledanymore Mon 08-Sep-08 19:34:03

Have the same problem with DD in the car - only solution that I've found is lots of toys attached to car seat (works for a short while) and turning the radio up loudly (having disconnected rear speakers so DD isn't deafened) to drown out the screaming! Have been trying song association techniques recently - singing a special song to her whilst doing things she enjoys and then when she's used to that. singing the same song when distressed in the car - and this seems to be having some small effect. Another mum I know swears by strapping a portable DVD screen to the rear head-rest and playing In the Night Garden DVDs....

DartmoorMama Mon 08-Sep-08 19:38:45

I have found its more like most babies hate the car. Have you tried a sling instead of a pram-there are tons around for babies of all ages. Thecarryingkind and littlepossums are two good websites.
Car is a harder one. It will probably get better when she is forward facing. Have you tried playing a cd in the car or putting some special toys in there. Maybe just double check its comfy and fitted properly.

sasamax Mon 08-Sep-08 22:57:45

Thanks very much for the advice.
Will defo give the song assoc techniques a try and maybe consider buying a dvd if i'm really losing it. Will try the toys too. I use a hugabub nearly every day and suppose will just keep using it until things change. It really helps to know I'm not alone so thanks for taking the time to comment. Great to hear advice that isn't 'you are spoiling her with carrying her, bfing her and using the sling' Thanks guys x

Tangle Mon 08-Sep-08 23:18:43

DD hated being in the pram with avengance from about 3 months - I think she just got nosey and wanted to see what was going on, and couldn't. I carried her in a hugabub I found it uncomfortable, and then moved onto other slings (I still carry her - she's 17 months now wink and although she doesn't mind the pushchair nearly as much, slings can be so much more convenient).

She went through phases of loathing the carseat as well, but for us they always seemed to be when we needed to adjust it. Definitely worth double checking.

Fingers crossed for you

mrshippy Tue 09-Sep-08 00:07:10

You can buy some really fantastic, stylish and comfortable baby carriers these days. They are designed for babies/toddlers to be carried for long periods and most of them can be use from newborn to toddler in lots of positions.

karri-me's & mai tai's a great for this.

i am using a mai tai with my daughter and she loves it. I find it easier than the pushchair and I like that it's giving her security and fun.

sasamax Tue 09-Sep-08 16:25:27

Maybe the headhugger is getting a little snug now - might remove it and see hoe we go. Slings it is then. I like the hugabub but sometimes its good to have one to change with. The babybjorn is no good for long periods - does anyone know a good pattern for a mai tai or similar?

Tangle Tue 09-Sep-08 19:43:10

The Baby Wearer seems to be THE definitive site for slings, etc - they have a section on DIY babywearing here with links to sites with patterns.

There are a LOT of different styles of Mei Tai, and what will work for you is a very personal thing. Have you come across SlingMeet? If there's a group nearby that you could get you would be able to try out a few variations before investing any time or money.

Alternatively, there's a thriving 2nd hand sling market - there are For Sale Or Trade boards on TheBabyWearer (mainly in the USA but the $ rate is pretty favourable at the moment, just be aware it moves very fast), RumpleBums, or through the UK BabyWearing SWAP mail group. You can pick up complete bargains and if it doesn't work out for you you can sell it on, so the only cost to you is postage one way.

ps - the first time we had screaming baby in the car we fixed it by taking the head hugger out. I'd been resisting as I'd got used to seeing her tucked in nice and snug, but she was clearly getting a bit unconfortable. Fingers crossed it works for you.

sasamax Fri 12-Sep-08 17:03:28

Wow Tangle - what a load of brilliant info - will check it all out. Thanks for all that - will try without the headhugger! x

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