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Nighttime fussyness

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NicknameAlreadyTaken Mon 08-Sep-08 14:28:14

My DD is 7.5 mo, she's BF and sleeps in bed with us.
The way night feedings worked from the very beginning is: she starts to cry/complain, i wait to see if she settles (speak to her, pat her if needed), if she doesn't settle and wake up more instead, i take her to breast and feed, in about 5-10 minutes she's done, asleep, and lets go the breast, i put her back on the bed and go back to sleep myself.
Some time ago (maybe a month or so, can't say definitely) it changed and she now won't let me put her down! As soon as she feels she's not in my arms, she starts complaining and if i try to comfort her without picking her up, she will get on to crying. As soon as she's back in my arms, she stops crying and falls asleep. Although sometimes she won't stop and i have to walk with her for awhile.

But I can't sleep with her in my arms! Tried laying down keeping her snuggled on my arm, tried putting her on my chest, etc, but nothing works. Am getting pretty sleep deprived as I can't catch up with sleep during the day - she doesn't sleep much and when she does (guess what sad) she sleeps in my arms.

Why is she behaving that way?

I spend all my day with her, she spends a lot of time in my arms (not only when she's sleeping), i play with her and entertain her much, so i don't think that she's catching up on attention or physical contact.

She's got separation anxiety (won't stay much with DH, especially when she's tired/hungry/uncomfortable, can start crying when strangers speak to her, especially if they speak loudly)
So, can it be caused by it too?

Or can be because of reflux? When she wasn't sitting up, she would start crying as soon as we put her down and preferred to stay in our arms as that was giving her more upright position and was easing reflux. But I thought it disappeared after she started to sit. Or can it still be there and causing her discomfort at night?

Can it be teething? Anything else?

Any help and advice on what to do is appreciated! blush

america Mon 08-Sep-08 16:24:17

Sorry, this is not much help but I remember thinking exactly the same when DS was tiny. I felt like I spent all my time carrying him around and he hated slings. He grew out of it though although was fussy about sleeping in his own cot when the time came too... Good luck!

sasamax Mon 08-Sep-08 17:54:51

I take it she won't sleep in her pram either - my DS was the same and after about 6 months, he would sleep in the pram if I walked for an hour or so quite quickly. It was at least 1 more place for him to sleep and gave my arms a rest. Sometimes I had to walk for 2 hours but then when he finally fell asleep, the relief was immense.

NicknameAlreadyTaken Tue 09-Sep-08 09:59:21

She can fall asleep in a car or in her buggy if she's sleepy enough and is not hungry or otherwise uncomfortable or agitated.
She also falls asleep nicely in a baby carrier (i think it lets her relax).

Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough...

I don't mind walking her to sleep! I do it every day.
And I don't mind doing it at night as well. But when she demands to be held WHILE she sleeps at night rather than TILL she's asleep, it becomes pretty hard as I have to sit holding her for a good half of the night and am not able to get any sleep myself like that. She's sleeping in my arms during the day as well, but it's not a problem. It only becomes a problem at night! And she was not demanding being held while she sleeps at night before!

After a night feed when she seems to be completely asleep (completely relaxed, not moving) I try putting her down next to me in our bed but she will immediately start moaning and complaining but will still remain half-asleep with her eyes closed. As soon as I pick her up she will be back fully asleep in a just few moments.

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