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My 3 year old daughter has no respect for my privercy !!

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mummyloveslucy Sun 07-Sep-08 19:11:25

Everytime I use a public toilet, my 3.5 year old daughter has to come in with me obviously.
The problem is, she keeps unlocking the door and flinging it open.shock blush
When she did it the first time, it was just so that she could get out but I had to leap up and shut the door in a hurry then I told her off. She obviously loved the attention it caused, she does it again.
It's a nightmare!!!
She also likes to pull back the curtain when I'm in the changing rooms too.
She is not genrally naughty, in fact she's really good, I think she must get bored shopping and tries to entertain herself. (and shock innocent bystanders)

naturalblonde Sun 07-Sep-08 19:13:12

Sorry no advice or experience in that area but made me laugh. grin

SpinningEm Sun 07-Sep-08 19:13:15

Oh the number of times I've been sat on the loo somewhere & one of my 3 dd's has opened the door so every-one can can see me!!!! I think it's all part of being a mum!

mummyloveslucy Sun 07-Sep-08 19:18:59

Well they say you loose all your dignity when you have a baby, they're not wrong!. They forget to mention that it's not just the birth, it's the next 4-5 years. grin

TheArmadillo Sun 07-Sep-08 19:21:15

my answer is to try and wedge foot against door and screech like a banshee making terrible threats if he even looks like going near it.

It works about 6 times out of 10.

mummyloveslucy Sun 07-Sep-08 19:25:20

O.k I'll remember that one. smile

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 07-Sep-08 19:36:57

Message withdrawn

quint Sun 07-Sep-08 19:39:12

It'll get worse I'm afraid. I remember when I was a kid telling mum and dads friends all the embarrassing stories about them that I could - I'm dreading when my 2 start doing it to me!

Ripeberry Sun 07-Sep-08 19:41:22

Have any of you had the "Look mummy's got a hairy bottom/big boobies" comments when you're in the swimming pool changing rooms.
I usually try and bribe them with a sweet to stay quiet!

mummyloveslucy Sun 07-Sep-08 19:50:45

No, not yet but I'm sure I'll have all that to come. grin

Acinonyx Sun 07-Sep-08 21:18:21

Dd (3) gives a loud running commentary for all to hear when we're in the loo blush

dilemma456 Sun 07-Sep-08 21:59:59

Message withdrawn

TheNaughtiestGirlIsaMonitor Sun 07-Sep-08 22:02:26

That's normal! My dc 6 and 3 will cheerfully follow me in and watch me poo. But they are appalled if they hear a plop and make euw! faces at me as though i were a gross pig.

When I have my period I push them out and lock the door and there is a scene outside, they both kick the door and scream "let me in Mummy".

So... privacy.... wow. I thnk I'd feel lonely going to the loo toute seul now.

chapstickchick Sun 07-Sep-08 22:03:59

we got chucked out of new look bcos of ds2 tendency to swoop open the curtains in the changing roomsblush

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