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I want to run and hide!!!!

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psychomum5 Mon 21-Feb-05 22:11:48

I have had enough!!!!WAHHHHHHHH

Roll on tomorrow is all I can say, I have had to endure a truly wonderful day with my truly wonderful kiddies!!! All thanks to that wonderful day called "teacher training"..GRRRR Actually, I lead you astray, it has been MAX(DS1 age 4) being truly wonderful.

So far today he has:-

Spat on Jacob(DS2 age 2)
Spat on Holly(DD2 age 9)
Spat on Megans floor(DD1 age 10)
Punched, kicked, pinched Natasha(DD3 age 6)
Kicked a football at Simon's(DH) footy trophy and smashed it
Kicked same football at my ornaments and broken one (same kick actually...rebound effect!)
Taken Simons yoghurts from the fridge and eaten them, after I had said NO! (and hidden the evidence, so I didn't realise, then lied and said it was Jacob, even tho he was asleep at the time!)
Put his middle finger up at Holly
Pushed Ryan (my nephew) out of the car, when we went out for time-out
Pee'd on the stairs when I sent him to sit on them on one of the punishments
Been rude, and shouting back

I have been totally pushed to the limit......and really want to run away.
Punishment wise....smacking doesn't work, just gives him a green light to think he can smack back.
Getting sent to his room works a little, until he starts throwing thing down the stairs.
Time-out on the stairs worked until he wet himself!
He got told off bigtime by daddy when he got home, and sent to bed then, which may work for tomorrow, but it doesn't help during the day, and I can't keep threatening him with daddy.
I really don't know what else to try, bar overdosing him on his fish oils, and I am not sure that is recommended.
Today may not have been so bad, had it not come so close to Jacob's tantrum day on Friday, but the only thing left to try now is rant on here, which I do know can help, but there any advice, please

Maddison Tue 22-Feb-05 09:31:16

When smacking, sending to room etc didn't work anymore on my DS, who is 4, my DH sent him in the garden (which is very secure I quickly add!!) for a few minutes on his own, this was only a few weeks ago and luckily we havent had to do this anymore - but watch this space!!

psychomum5 Tue 22-Feb-05 14:44:39

Thankyou for that maddison...helps to know I am alone in the monstrous 4yr old boys world....

May think about trying the garden one, as ours is secure too...altho, while the snow is around, he'll probably take Maybe sending him out naked will work...!!

Maddison Tue 22-Feb-05 14:53:34

I know what you mean about the snow - my DS would do the same only we hadn't had any snow here at the time!

We also have a 'naughty chair' which worked wonders when we first started to use it! We sat him down on a chair facing the wall for a while and was great at first - now he sits down (crying, of course!) then gets off it wailing that he's sorry!

He got that one sussed!

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