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cod seems to be the woman in the know what is going on with my <newly> school aged dd1?

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SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Fri 05-Sep-08 13:54:45

you know the one who never eats, ever. and hasnt done since she was a baby. not even milk went down with her.

the one who has me worrying every week and never grows and has all her hip bones and spine pokinh out because she is so skinny. the one who has to see a dietician every three months.

and the very same one who has just made a piggy of herself at lunch time.

there i was with our packed lunches ready to run to our new house from her school when it started bucketing down and there was no way i was running all the way back home when dd2 had no rain cover and dd1 no wellies. so we legged it to the nearest warm dry place that sells food aka the all you can eat chinese.

normally when i take her there she bypasses the main courses and i end up paying £3.50 for her to eat a small bowl of cheapo ice cream and jelly and one pink marshmallow.

not today she had a huuuuuuuuuge pile of noodles and 2 spring rolls and one samosa. i was over the moon with that but then she had her usual jelly and ice cream with two marshmallows


after that she had 3 deep fried beefburgers with chips and a bit of foo yung a battered chicken ball and a jam tart.

so what is going on cod <or anyone>? and more to the point will it last?

oh and also she is not doing the moody couch dwelling cretin bit she is just as hyper if not more so than ever <sigh>

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Fri 05-Sep-08 14:21:43

cod or anyone? is this just a phase or have i cracked my non eating super skinny dd?

meandmyjoe Fri 05-Sep-08 14:33:24

Think only time will tell! T'is deffinitely a step in the right direction though. My brother was like this and started eating on odd days, but gradually more and more often. He's 27 now and eats more than anyone else I know!

HonoriaGlossop Fri 05-Sep-08 15:36:19

is it possible she ate more than you realised at home? Even if it was something tiny every couple of hours, it would have added up. Then they go from 9 till 12 at school with nothing or just an apple, and actually get hungrier....

Also I did find with my ds that from about 2 - 4 he ate very 'toddlerishly', quite picky, neophobic, small amounts often - then after that he did surprise me by clearing a plate in a much more 'adult' way....

maybe your dd is just reaching this point? <Yay!>

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Fri 05-Sep-08 16:28:43

no definately no small amounts at home. she will snack when it is available to her but this was more of a recent thing.

she used to eat anything that was put in front of her so long as it was leafy greens hmm.

i know junk food should be a big no no but this is a major step for a little girl who struggles to eat even the smallest amounts of meat/carbs grin

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