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Sleepovers - Never Again

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kkgirl Mon 21-Feb-05 12:57:31

Had ds1's two 10 year old friends for sleepover last night.
Felt obliged as one of his friends' mums has hosted three and we hadn't returned favour. Anyway had a tummy bug Friday and felt very washed out all weekend, but went to bed yesterday afternoon to try and prepare, as didn't want to disappoint these two boys.
All went well in the evening, hired three films for them, all the family watched one, and then at 10.30 they went upstairs, were still rioting at 12 midnight. I kept asking them to simmer down, as I needed some rest and when dh came to bed he explained that he had to work today, whereas they are off school and could chill out. Anyway they did quieten down.
Mid morning, my youngest ds (9) came home crying saying that one of them had kicked him and strangled him (arm around the neck), and was quite upset. I confronted all three boys, my ds as well, but the accused wouldn't admit it, so I made it clear without pointing the finger at any of them I wouldn't have it, no apologies though. Later they have been crashing around upstairs, and at lunch water was thrown around the place. I have just lost it with them, they seem so immature and childish, and so disrespectful of other peoples' property. The one that ds2 accused has a new house, and I'm sure his mum wouldn't put up with it, their house is like a palace.
Anyway just wanted a rant about it, feel so cross, probably because I don't feel too good anyway.

psychomum5 Mon 21-Feb-05 13:14:51

Hugs and sympathy for the sleepover gone awry...

Ranting is sometimes the only way of getting it out of your system, I know, have done it many a time!!!

I have hosted many sleepovers for my older 2 DD, ages 10 and 9, and the most successful seem to be with just one friend over, and I normally try to have one friend for one girl, while my other girl goes to her friend's house. It does help if you have that type of friendship tho with your kiddies friends parents.

I would tell the parents tho, when they come to get their boys, that there were some difficulties. If only to ask their advice on how they dealt with the rowdiness, as I am certain that it wouldn't have been all sweetness and light for them, however much they may have fooled you into thinking it was easy.!

Good luck, and hope you feel better soon.

kkgirl Mon 21-Feb-05 13:31:26


Thanks for your support. I do feel bad about being cross, but I don't feel great and its all a bit much.
I would do the one to one, but ds1 has two best friends. Its really weird, but he has known these
boys since pre school, and they do all get on well together, although I prefer one to the other.

I don't want to make a big fuss, because I do owe the other parents a turn, and I'm sure they probably do have as much hassle, but they have older daughters, so maybe it is different, dd and ds2 want sleepovers too, they are 8.

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