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Omega - 3 fish oils

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Cosmo74 Mon 21-Feb-05 10:02:09

I was advised to start my DS on this which I did on Saturday - I know it is for brian development and was told it should help him calm down - just wanted to check if anyone else tried it and how they got on - did it calm your kids down.

Ta in advance

nailpolish Mon 21-Feb-05 10:03:55

one of my friends has a ten yr old daughter who was having trouble at school concentrating and things, she was finding it hard to do things for longer than 20-30 mins, like in class. she has improved after taking fish oils.

newscot Mon 21-Feb-05 11:26:08

Cosmo-if you don't mind me asking, what brand of fish oils was recommended to you? Also, who was it who recommended them.

My DD (4.7) has a mild language disorder and am wondering if fish oils may help (though I realise won't cure).

Good luck with your DS, let us know how it goes

Frizbe Mon 21-Feb-05 11:27:33

ahh did anyone see the article in Observer mag yesterday advising low iron levels in lots of unruly children as well? advised to get checked by doc and get supplements which when tested, worked!

psychomum5 Mon 21-Feb-05 11:41:36

I have started giving all of my kiddies fish oils. (I have 5....3 girls, 2 boys). Not because of behaviour issues, altho the boys are rowdy, but more because of their concentration levels at school. It has done wonders! We have been having a few issues with school about DD2 as she has problems with words, and we have all queried dyslexia. Since being on the oils, are worries have gone, and her reading age has jumped by 2yrs in less then 6mths !
For my DS's, they have started to listen to me much more if I have to tell them to stop doing something, and we are having more fun with them.

I use the Boots brand of oils, found in the kids health section.....Smart Omega 3 Fish Oils, for is an orange flavour liquid, and my kiddies say it tastes like orange chewits.
There is another, in the same section....Smart Omega 3's, strawberry flavour. It has no age on the front, but is recommended for 5+yrs. If you need one for the under 5's, make sure you check which one you pick up, as the bottles both look the same (medicine bottles with bright pink labels), and I made that mistake.

maisystar Mon 21-Feb-05 11:46:08

i am going to start using the boots orange flavoured ones, can't do any harm.

sorry cosmo but lol at brian development

Cosmo74 Mon 21-Feb-05 12:58:03

Thanks for the feedback everyone -
Newscot - I was advised by his school head mistress as he has low concentration levels - he cannot sit still, keeps falling off his chair etc.. the school say that he is very bright ( said that this may be part of the problem that he is bored as he is ahead of most of the children in his class) but he is also very boistious! shouting out running around and not listening - his school wanted me to start on it before Christmas but I wanted to wait until he was nearer 5 didn't think you could get it for unders 5's - I seen his doc last week about getting him assessed for behavioural problems but it could take about a year for an appointment so the school are following it up to try and get an appointment sooner.

I am using the Boots Smart Omega 3's, strawberry flavour and really hope it does the trick.
A few more questions now.....
Did anyone use it who's child had behavioural problems - did it help with this also?.

Does anyone know how soon I should notice the difference?

psychomum5 Mon 21-Feb-05 13:03:30

Just to add to my earlier nephew has ADD, and his mum gives him the I Q fish oils, with excellent results. He does have ADD meds, but they don't help with the whole picture. The fixh oils just give that little extra rhat seems to do the trick.

In reply to cosmo.....In my kiddies, it took 2wks weeks for me to notice some changes, and 4 weeks for me to realise in was working. It took 6 weeks tho for my nephew to get the benefits.

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