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3 yo still napping but really disturbed sleep if she misses a nap

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LolaLadybird Mon 01-Sep-08 22:25:16

DD1 is 3.2 and still has an afternoon nap. On the whole, that's good news as she naps about the same time as DS2 and I get a breather for a bit. However, on the odd days that she doesn't have a nap because we're doing stuff, her night time sleeping has become really disturbed (wakes up crying several times a night). Obviously, the easy solution would be to stay home every afternoon and make sure she has a nap but it seems daft to miss out on social time with friends (which DD really enjoys).

This has only been a problem for the last couple of weeks, previously when she missed a nap, she slept the same but was just more tired the next day.

None of my friends have had this problem (all their 3 yo DCs stopped napping months ago) so just wondered if anyone else had had this?

wishingchair Tue 02-Sep-08 11:04:55

My 2 yo DD is like this. Yesterday she slept for only 15 mins at nursery and woke twice in the night. She will sleep for a couple of hours if at home and in bed, and normally sleeps for over an hour at nursery.

DD1 wasn't like this and would still sleep at night regardless. She still had a nap till she was around 3.

Don't know what the solution is other than to try to give her the opportunity for a nap somehow ... car, pushchair etc. They grow out of it though ...

welovepinkmilk Tue 02-Sep-08 15:04:38

My ds now 4.1 yo is still like this, not sure what's going to happen when he starts school on Friday. I've been trying to wean him off his naps during the holidays but I'm sure he's going to fall asleep as soon as he gets home from school. I don't actually put him in bed for a nap but he often takes himself off to bed or falls asleep on the sofa or in the car. His nighttime sleep is often disturbed if he is overtired because he hasn't had a sleep.

LolaLadybird Tue 02-Sep-08 22:08:52

Thanks for your replies. Wishing - you're right about needing to find some way for her to have a nap. I've been assuming she'd drop her nap soon and thinking she doesn't really need it but she obviously does so I suppose I just need to go with it (and be grateful!).

Pinkmilk - wow, at DS still napping at 4. I was joking with friends the other day about having a year to wean DD off naps before she starts school but perhaps that's not as ridiculous at it sounds. I guess that's one of the drawbacks of them starting to school when they're that bit younger (DD will also be young for her year being a July birthday). Good luck for the first day on Friday ...

wishingchair Wed 03-Sep-08 13:40:10

Apparently I still needed a nap until I started school. It's not unusual for children to be found snoozing in the book corner ... most reeption teachers take a practical approach to tiredness. DD1's teacher also told me when she started school last year, that in those first few months, if I thought she was really tired and would benefit from a day at home, do just that. They'd rather have a happy alert child than a tired grumpy tearful child any day. And remember school isn't compulsory till they're 5 so I would use your judgment.

Hope all goes well on Friday pinkmilk x

LolaLadybird Wed 03-Sep-08 15:32:18

My mum told me the same today - that I always needed a nap and even now, as an adult, I'm the sort of person who needs a fair bit of sleep and doesn't function well without (hell, I'd happily have an afternoon snooze every day if I could! )

OMaLittle Wed 03-Sep-08 15:36:25

How funny, just got downstairs after cajoling DD1 (2.5) for an hour into a nap as she is adamant she doesn't want one but on the rare occasions she misses it is an absolute shite until bedtime and then can have disturbed sleep.

Maybe it is genetic - DH has an afternoon nap every weekend day and would certainly at work if he could get away with it.

welovepinkmilk Wed 03-Sep-08 20:47:24

I'm hoping he'll manage even though it's a very long day for him. I'm keeping an open mind about him having the odd day at home though if I think he needs it. Fingers crossed he'll manage to stay awake til the end of the day on Friday!

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