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1yr olds behaviour

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mummyinlove Mon 01-Sep-08 09:05:39

My partner's parents have began to comment on my one year old sons behaviour- he is a wonderful little boy, always happy and lively but he does like to get his own way and squeals if he doesn't- throwing his head back etc. This is short lived and I can easily distract him but they think I ought to nip this behaviour in the bud and let him know who is boss now. I do understand what they are saying but I thought he was too young? Does anyone have any advice-or can recommend a book about bringing up a happy, well behaved child?
He is our first child and the first grand-child on both sides so he is adored by all, but perhaps we have spoilt him already?

Poshpaws Mon 01-Sep-08 09:10:29

DS3 does this (17 months). He had full-on face down of the carpet tantrum, the other day because I would not put on his 'Brum' dvd smile.

DS1 and Ds2 behaved in a similar way at that age. As with your DS, they are short-lived protests. He is just letting you know he is not happy with what's going on.

Neither Ds1(7) and Ds2(3) are uncontrolable monsters because I did not nip this behaviour in the butt at 12 months (or so I think) grin

meep Mon 01-Sep-08 09:15:43

dd (13mo) does this - so do all the other babies I know of the same age. Like you distraction is the best thing to do. Dd knows what no means but sometimes it makes her cry when I say it. (that makes me sound like a monster - but even a quiet no can make her dissolve if it's not what she wants to hear!)

I do think 1yo is a bit young to nip it in the bud - personally I don't think they really understand and are just discovering that they can make noise to get what they want (our day is full of constant hand pointing accompanied by indignant squeals grin)!

mummyinlove Mon 01-Sep-08 09:35:57

Thanks for your messages you have made me feel better.
I will continue to just distract him-I don't want to start being all strict with him but didn't want the blame if he turned into a monster!

Chooster Mon 01-Sep-08 12:38:14

I think all 1 yr olds do this and I know my DS1 did and my DS2 (13 months) certainly does smile. I wouldn't say there is any need to nip this in the bud at all, he's expressing his displeasure in the only way he knows how, and, in my view expressing how he feels should not be discouraged at all!! Soon enough he'll learn other ways to show you he's not happy. Perhaps your partner was an exceptionally quiet little boy or maybe your in-laws have simply forgotten what a 1yr old is like.

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