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How do I wean/uncling my dd before we all go mad?

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bluewolf Sun 31-Aug-08 20:46:55

DD is 1 year old who knows how to feed herself with me as the eternal bottle. She also screams and kicks up a right fuss if anyone but me has her....when she knows I'm around (ie she can hear or see me). Whenever I'm not around apperently she is an angel and no trouble at all.
I know this is all my fault for being over protective or something, but how can I get her and me out of this whingy nightmare??? Other than wearing a metal bra with a lock even she couldn't unpick.

georgimama Sun 31-Aug-08 20:51:13

no idea but if someone has any answers let me know please.

deaconblue Sun 31-Aug-08 20:54:36

a tricky one. Do you want to stop feeding her altogther or gain control over when you feed her?
I don't think the clingy thing is just because you are breast feeding still as I stopped feeding ds at 6 motnhs and he still only wants me if I'm around but is fine when I'm not (he's 2 and 4 motnhs). I deal with it by delaying tactics "mummy's coming, I've just got to do ... but daddy can help you now"

bluewolf Sun 31-Aug-08 21:20:05

its more that dp has got into a handy habit of saying 'she wants feeding/mummy' after mere seconds of her screaming. Ds was on the bottle at 6months and everyone got a lot more involved - if he got shirty it would be 'He wants some milk'. NOT ME!!
I think its just that I am worried that she is over dependant on me.

Tryharder Sun 31-Aug-08 22:54:09

My DP is Gambian. In The Gambia, babies or toddlers are routinely sent to stay with grandparents or other relatives for a while to wean them. Worth a try? Probably not...

But I know what you mean about DP saying that your daughter wants feeding and handing her over straight away. My DP does exactly the same with DS2 even if he was fed 5 minutes previously. It is so f*cking annoying.....

bluewolf Sun 31-Aug-08 23:19:57

Try - my ds was weaned (accidentaly) in the gambian way since I lived close to my mum and she had him to stay from 6 months (not full time but for the odd day here and there) so I know it does work. Couldn't do it now though as we live further away fro willing relatives and now there's two of them.

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