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any mums of early teething babes? Ds2 17mths appears to be getting 2nd molars?

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Piffle Sun 31-Aug-08 19:49:51

he has teethed easily, early and rapidly he had all but first molars by 11mths 1st molars by 13mths

Dd was 27mths with her 2nd molars ie: usual

Anyone else had one that got all first teeth really early?
He is chomping, off his food (that's an ambulance call for this kid as he adores food) only eating things that need little chewing or cold things like cucumber and apple.
Also really clingy grumpy and dribbly. Not ill at all but outof sorts

Seona1973 Sun 31-Aug-08 20:10:58

the average time for the 2nd molars to appear is 20-24 months according to this teething chart. I am just waiting for ds's to appear - he is 22 months.

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