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biting baby (12m) - advice needed

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shelbel Sat 19-Feb-05 22:04:35

I've read a similar thread somewhere but can't find it. Just wanted some advice on how to deal with DS (12 m) doing stuff which hurts - biting, hair pulling and slapping both cheeks when I pick him up. We tell him No and to be gentle and just recently have tried to ignore him and say 'poor Daddy' etc. but ignoring is hard if he's just bitten you and so he's getting quite a reaction from it when its not expected. I know its all fairly normal behaviour and DS isn't particularly aggressive or anything but I just wanted advice on any effective responses people have tried.

Frizbe Sat 19-Feb-05 22:06:28

not had biting, but dd went thru a hitting thing, which I just covered by holding her arms down, engaging eye contact and saying calmly no, you don't hit mummy, which seems to have done the trick, as she's currently grown out of it.

lilsmum Sat 19-Feb-05 22:32:09

nope i not had biting (yet!!) but dd smacks me and shouts hey!!! if i am stopping her from doing something (she is 12 mth)i tend to just sit her down away from me, or say no please dont do a firm voice...cant say either has worked yet though lol

WideWebWitch Sat 19-Feb-05 22:45:33

Be firm and calm and just keep saying no. He'll get the idea eventually.

alison222 Sun 20-Feb-05 20:24:31

Say no in a cross voice and put him down on the floor away from you and ignore him for a minute. They hate the lack of attention and being taken away from what they are doing. It seems a bit harsh but they very soon get the message

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