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5year old chewing.starting school,I have new baby

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gameforalaugh Sat 30-Aug-08 17:30:43

Hi, I have just sat down to do some bits on my computer and noticed that my 5 year old has chewed the whole front of the desk, I actually saw her doing it but didn't say anything if I look back as it has only just come to the front of my mind so hasn't bothered me before. My mum stayed a few weeks ago and if I think she mentioned her chewing something too.I am now worried that she may be doing this as a sign of frustration/anxiety as she is off to school for the for the first time next wk.I have 2 other children, 3years & 4 months although I feel both of the younger children are easy and not too time consuming I am beginning to wonder what may have prompted this chewing (it isn't teeh as she has all of hers) does anyone have any experience withh this?????

juuule Sat 30-Aug-08 17:32:47

What reason does she give when you ask her?

cornsilk Sat 30-Aug-08 17:50:12

The only time I've heard of older children chewing was in a programme about some children with ASD who were chewing carpets as their mum had taken gluten (I think) out of their diet and it was in the glue (I think).It was a programme about the Jackson family. Maybe something to do with what is in the wood that she is craving.

Jacanne Sat 30-Aug-08 17:59:23

My dd started chewing last year as she started reception - the side of her bunkbed and her cardigan sleeves. I put it down to anxiety but we took her to the dentist for a normal check-up and found that her adult molars had come through. Shortly after the chewing stopped so I assumed it was teething.

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