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DS not talking at 19 months

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crouchingtigeress Sat 19-Feb-05 01:28:30

He will rabbit away in his own baby language but not one clear word.

I wasn't concerned until my brother said "Shouldn't he be talking by now", as a result I have now noticed that two other children near his age at nursery say very clear words.

so on the way home I slowly said ball, book - he repeated the b sound. But when I said coat he started making a 'w' sound.

Am I doing something wrong?
I am always talking to him, but may be not enough and not clearly enough.

Any advice, would be appreciated.

joesy Sat 19-Feb-05 02:19:08

My nephew is 2 next month and he hardly talking. Says a few things. He was walking early where my ds 19 months has only been walking since Christmas. They all do things at different stages. No 2 kids are a like. My ds talks away can tell nursery ryhmes fill in numbers when counting to 10 also fill in bits of the alphabet. The HV said he was working on his communication skills while others have been working on physical skills etc. I would not worry at this stage. I am sure you talk alot to you ds, sing go over nursery rhymes etc. MY dh and I have always found that a good trick was tell mummy --- tell daddy---. Do not put yourself down. If worried talk to you HV as well.

Cristina7 Sat 19-Feb-05 02:35:01

You say he could reproduce the "b" sound, which is also easily accessible on the lips, but replaced "c" (made at the back of the throat, not seen on the lips) with "w". Have you checked his hearing? Even small hearing losses caused, for example, by glue ear, can delay speech. Luckily, in the case of glue ear this is transitory and there's no overall long-term speech delay. My son's hearing goes right down when he has glue ear and in noisy background situations.

Jimjams Sat 19-Feb-05 09:00:27

don't try and correct him, although model the correct sound.
as long as he can communicate (not speak- I mean things like point) then he is fine.

Far too young to worry about speech. K and G sounds (back of the throat) don't "have " to be in place until 3 and half to 4 iirc (my 3 year old isn't saying it and the SALT said that was age appropriate)

nasa Sat 19-Feb-05 09:34:16

this book is brilliant for understand how children learn to speak and what you can do to help them (not correcting them is a really important part of it at this age)

nasa Sat 19-Feb-05 09:35:55

oh and also one of the other things she says in this book is don't ask your children to say things all the time for e.g. "can you say bottle?, say bottle" etc etc It makes them feel self conscious as it's not natural speech IFYKWIM
great book

MancMum Sat 19-Feb-05 09:39:40

my ds did not say anything intelligible until he was 2... he now has above average vocab and never shuts up.... I have a DD of 20 months who is exactly the same.... it is not unusal for kids not to be talking at this age... so I would not worry about it and ejnoy the peace beforfe the questions start!!

Both my kids understand a huge range of words and I think this is more important at this age than actual speech...

bloss Sat 19-Feb-05 09:41:40

Message withdrawn

stewarty Sat 19-Feb-05 09:47:27

I have seen some babies go from incoherant babbling with the odd clear word to scarily coming out with a proper sentence .They will be taking all the info in .Try not to worry just carry on with what you're doing and one day they'll surprise you!!!

snafu Sat 19-Feb-05 10:24:35

Crouchingtigress, my ds is 20 months and only has a few words; the rest is just babble. But I'm not worried atm for two reasons a) his communication and understanding is very good - he can 'tell' me quite clearly what he wants and he can understand quite complex instructions, and b) the babble is definitely 'conversation' (snetences and inflections, etc) IYKWIM - just no real words!

Just keep talking to him normally, have lots of 'conversations' throughout the day and one day you'll be posting on here asking for ways to get five minutes quiet time!

crouchingtigeress Sat 19-Feb-05 14:08:21

Wow thanks 4 all your interesting advice and comments.

I think my ds will do most things late - he arrived late, walked late and takes his time with most things - I blame myself and dh for being far too laid back (we also arrive late for most things) .
But once he gets going there's not stopping him when we walk outside he often starts up a little jog for no obvious reason.

Snafu like ur ds his comprehension skills are good which is why I'm not too concerned about his hearing Bloss, if something (quite light) drops in another room he will go and investigate - but I will mention that at his next gp check.

Stewarty you've really summed up my ds well he's full of surprises.

nasa thanks for the book ref. I'll definitely give that a read.

thank you all for your tips and advice.

ragtaggle Sat 19-Feb-05 14:56:45

Sounds completely normal to me. Especially not being able to say words beginning with C. My step sister teaches child language aquisition (as an English language module) and says words beginning with C are among the hardest for children to say. My dd says 'doat' for coat, 'dat' for cat and 'dar' for car, but has no problem with ball, bear etc which backs this up.

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