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Advice/tips wanted please - coping with a 19 month old in the supermarket

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babycat Thu 28-Aug-08 20:26:59

Hope someone can offer some advice. I felt extremely stressed and was on the verge of tears yesterday as I just felt unable to manage DD's behaviour. Within a few minutes of being in the supermarket she was screaming and wailing and bending sideways. She has done this a few times before but usually I can distract her or calm her down. I tried distraction -"Can you put that in the trolley for Mummy?", "Can you see the bananas" etc., to no avail. I got her out of the trolley and let her push the trolley, which worked temporarily until she decided to run off. She just screamed, a horrid high pitched scream at the top of her voice and I felt like a hopeless mother as everyone seemed to glare at us.
I may resort to online ordering for a bigger shop but this just to pick up a few things that I had run out of.
Any tips or advice, please?

ChirpyGirl Thu 28-Aug-08 20:33:04

Feed her! I never go to the shops without at least a small box of raisins or a bag of cheerios or something. It has to be in a small container so they have to work at opening it (tesco sell small reusable sealable snack bags which I like) and then they tend to be quiet.
If all else fails I give them the end of a baguette to chew on...this has the bonus of being lovely fresh bread that you have to take homegrin

Or, does she have a special toy? I also try and make sure we remember their favourite toys if they will be tired/grumpy while we are shopping

Umlellala Thu 28-Aug-08 20:44:23

Try to act like they are being lovely - 'gosh, aren't you funny with your loud voice!' and 'you ARE a cheeky monkey' with a smile (along with your distraction). I find it helps you get less stressed because people then interpret and see what you tell them - ie a normal toddler (rather than a naughty child with a stressed mummy).

it's about faking it - which is the best tip I've heard on here smile

babycat Thu 28-Aug-08 20:54:31

Thanks grin.

ChirpyGirl, my DH did suggest that she might be hungry and that was why she was behaving so badly. I got her up straight from her nap and then went out. I do usually have a box of raisins in my bag but don't often have to offer them to her.

Umlellala, I like the idea of faking it, might try that on other occassions when I'm feeling less than confident!

Lastyearsmodel Thu 28-Aug-08 21:40:37

Jeez, I know this feeling... My top tip would be fiddly and long-lasting food. An apple works for my dd (2.3) as it lasts her ages, although other shoppers have had to point out to me in the past that she has the stalk sticking out of her mouth - it keeps her so quiet I stop paying attention.

But however much or little shopping I have to do she's usually a bit huffy by the checkout, so I try to pick checkouts with child-friendly staff who will talk to her and/or give me sympathy when she screams the place down.

Looking forward to when she can read or do colouring-in as have seen that work for older kids.

Am learning to live with general feeling of being looked at like I'm a terrible mother though. Was even called 'cruel' by a grandmother yesterday for not putting money in the ride-ons, as she fed coins in two of them for her grandsons, one of whom was old enough that he could barely squeeze into the seat. Grrrr.

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