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Yikes: My 4 month old is very attached to mummy and daddy only....

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loisstella Wed 27-Aug-08 22:03:12

My nearly 17 week old daughter doesn't like stangers... that is, she is fine as long as we're (mum and/or dad) around but the other day I left her with my dad for 25 minutes and she cried the whole time!
She is starting nany and nursery in 5 weeks... We will 'train' with both, but I'm quite keen to get something going now to make it a little easier on her to 'trust' others.

I read this behaviour is common for 10 month olds... so am a little taken aback that she's doing this now.

Any tips?

Puddlet Thu 28-Aug-08 10:04:24

Hello! I think it depends a bit on who you leave them with. Everytime I've left my daughter (now 19 weeks) with my mum I've been summoned home early to comfort her. On the other hand when we left her with my MiL for a couple of hours we came back to find them on the sofa with MiL feeding ebm that she'd found in the fridge. So I think it depends on how confident/ used to small babies the person you leave them with is. I'm worried about nursery too, but I know that the staff know all about babies and that in time she will get to know and trust them.

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