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Please help hes driving me up the wall...............................!

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busyalexsmummy Fri 18-Feb-05 14:21:30

Im really not sure whats wrong with alex but the past
month hes getting worse, the thing is ive never seen a
child this young behave the way he does and am starting
to worry that this is not normal and that he may have
the early signs of ADHD.I'll explain........
When I get him undressed/dressed/changed he goes
beserk, he tries to roll over and is off, we have to
pin him down the get his nappy on/off and to put on
back on, he wont sit down for 5 mins, he wont sit and
read/watch telly, he wont lay down for a massage, he
goes beserk when I get him out the bath, he has
tantrums where he throws himself on the ground,
bangging his head and kicking and punching with his
fists, he goes beserk when I put him in the pram and he
goes beserk when I try to feed him......whats going
on?? has anyone else had/having these difficulties?
should I take him to the Dr's and see what they say?
I dont mind it so much at home, but i took him to
clinic to get him weighed on wednesday and he went ape,
he threw himself back onto the floor and started
screaming and everyone turned round and stared, i was
so embarrassed!
Please help!

hes 1 next week by the way

Twiglett Fri 18-Feb-05 14:26:03

he's developed a sense of self and doesn't just want to be a malleable blob

its totally natural

actually you're lucky to have made it this far without the struggles

you learn to be able to hold him down with a leg for nappy changes, and bend him round a knee when putting in buggy
let him feed himself with finger food

Chandra Fri 18-Feb-05 14:26:18

Ds had an escape-from-the-nappy phase at that age, he also went beserk if you tried to put him into the bath and when you tried to take him out. Has he started walking recently? it may sound daft but DS didn't wanted to be distracted from her walking adventures. However, why not post this thread in the special need thread, probably somebody familiar with ADHD could spot better if there's something that you really need to worry about or just a phase.

Hope it helps.

Helsbels Fri 18-Feb-05 14:27:28

first, don't worry about what other people may or may not think - most people that stare are just glad its happening to you and not them then walk away and don't give it another thought. Second, lots of children of all ages hate being messed about dressed undressed massaged bathed - just leave me alone- mum!! Most children will not sit and watch television or sit and entertain themselves for long. My three year old has only just started to watch tv by himself and has just started to play jigsaws but still needs fairly constant attention/help. If you are worried go to the doctors - always trust your instincts but I think you are describing fairly normal behaviour for an active string minded one year old. Good luck

Helsbels Fri 18-Feb-05 14:28:17

sorry should be strong minded!

Twiglett Fri 18-Feb-05 14:29:04

it is so normal .. I wouldn't post about ADHD (sorry Chandra) .. because its just being a one year old

anchovies Fri 18-Feb-05 14:33:15

DS is 13 months and he's just the same. Very strong willed, screams hysterically when he wants/doesn't want something and it's impossible to dress him or change his nappy. I wouldn't worry he sounds normal, Im hoping its just a phase (particularly the screaming its driving me nuts!)

Newbarnsleygirl Fri 18-Feb-05 14:34:16

How old is he?

My dd is 16 months and she has been throwing herself and floor with tantrums for a while now and has just started banging her head.
As for the nappy changing she was a nightmare with that from an early age so we started to buy the pull up nappies which are great. She stands holding on to the sofa while I change her and she can watch tv or read a book etc.
The pushchair is also a nightmare screaming and kicking.

I really think it's totally normal although I have to say I was slighty worried when she started to do all these things. No one else around seems to bat an eyelid while she's rolling around screaming like mad!

Titania Fri 18-Feb-05 14:37:48

I know its no help but my ds2 was one last week and he does exactly the same things!!!! It will pass in time, when he learns to communicate better. My other 2 were the same. Hope you get through it ok. take care x x x

Fastasleep Fri 18-Feb-05 14:55:38

I'm having exactly the same problems as you guys with my 1 year old at the moment it's definately just an evil phase!

decmum Fri 18-Feb-05 15:33:15

My DS is the same and I find the only thing that works is distraction....a comb or something he finds interesting in his hand makes it easier.

Nappies are changed standing up and leaning against his wardrobe or the ottoman in the sitting room with a book in hand or similar. Massage is done standing up.
We have a poster next to his changing table which we talk about and he points at things.
He leans against me on his changing table when I dress him.
He won't sit at all in anything but he will stand in his walker which gives him a little support or again he leans, like an old man against a bar, on the ottoman to watch TV.
He hates going in to the pram but is distracted by his book attached to the handle.
We also bought a baby carrier which will carry him until he's 3 and he loves being up at the same height as us.
To go to the park he is strapped on a trike which he seems to love.
He doesn't bang his head but he is sometimes so tired and rests his head on the floor.
My DS is now 14 months and starting to help us to dress him and tidy up the toys in the bath etc. so there is gradual improvement. He still won't sit.
I think a lot of boys are like this and I honestly think that if you can try not to force him and wind yourself up but instead work around it , you'll calm and he might calm a little.
I think my DS thinks everything is a game/race...even at night he stiffens his back during his last bottle and makes a dash for the top of the stairs laughing and giggling and looking back to make sure you're chasing.....BOYS.
My DS also bites when he gets giggly and wrestles with us. I take books when we go out or a plastic teaspoon he can chew and bash. We've just come to accept his personality and have a giggle about the calories were burning running around after him.
Sorry...not sure this helps your frustration.

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