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How can a 9 month baby wake at 4am and not need to go back to sleep...?

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OlderNotWiser Tue 26-Aug-08 20:29:06

DS2 is waking at 4.15 am and NOT going back to sleep. I have tried ignoring/bringing into my bed/milk/no milk etc etc but he just doesnt want to sleep. I also tried just ignoring him and he chatted to himself endlessly, gradually getting louder until I cracked after an hour and a half and got him up. After getting up he then naps for 45 mins at about 8 and same again in the afternoon, tho sometimes for longer, from about 1. He doesnt seem too hot/cold, no noises waking him so far as I can tell....he goes to bed knackered at 6.45pm so not hideously early. I know lack of sleep is a much discussed topic on any parenting forum but has anyone ever solved this problem...or is there something Im missing that someone can spot from my description of what hes doing...? Any thoughts or suggestions welcome because I am truly worn out at the mo...and if I don't respond this evening it'll be because Im off to bed soon but I will check tomorrow and respond etc. Thanks!

MissLiss Tue 26-Aug-08 20:34:34

Is his room light? The sun starts to come up so early, we're all up at the crack of dawn here too. And it might be the noise of the birds starting to sing, which doesn't have to be loud to wake sleepy babies. Can you block it out with something soothing?

It's so hard, sleep deprivation. I have no real advice but you have my sympathies. 4.15 is nightmarishly early. If all else fails, put him down a bit earlier so at least you can have some time before you follow to bed and he'll have had a bit more sleep.

wb Tue 26-Aug-08 20:40:49

How old is your ds? Does he have a morning nap and if so, at what time.

My ds1 used to wake up at 5am (when he was 6mo til 1 year) and have a 8.30am nap. I read somewhere at the time that what had happened was that his last sleep cycle had come adrift from his main period of sleep.

Sure enough, when he moved to having a late morning nap and dropped the 8.30am snooze his sleep all sorted itself out and he slept to 6am every morning. But this happened by himself, I didn't do anything iyswim?

OlderNotWiser Tue 26-Aug-08 20:47:45

No, room isnt light missliss...hes got a blackout thing plus its still dark at 4.15 here at the mo. Birds are a pain but I wouldnt have thought that bad...but then its not me waking! Have to say Im too scared to put him to bed earlier in case he wakes earlier!! But thanks for suggestions.

wb he is 9 months and yes naps a bit early at 8. I read something similar and strung him out to 9.30 am naps for a while but sadly it didnt stop him waking early, it just stopped me going out mornings! My DS1 did 5am wakings until he was nearly!

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