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When did your baby stop milk at night?

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SlipOfTheTongue Tue 26-Aug-08 13:08:30

My dd2 is 16 months, and recently had a bout of sickness & diarrohea which resulted in projectile vomiting every time she had her milk at bedtime, so I stopped it for a few nights cos she wasn't keen on it anyway while she was ill. But now she's over it, she still doesn't want her milk to go to bed, but it seems a bit young perhaps to stop it? She has plenty of dairy products otherwise so it getting calcium elsewhere, and I can't remember how old dd1 was when she stopped!

Nanoon Tue 26-Aug-08 13:19:27

gosh, DS1 is 3.11 and i really can't remember when his bedtime milk changed from being a cuddly bedtime routine into sitting on the sofa watching a bit of telly nice and quietly before going up for teeth and stories etc - probably somewhere around 2 i think.

Maybe leave it for a few days and then introduce it a bit before bedtime.

meandmyjoe Tue 26-Aug-08 13:33:28

My friends ds stopped at 18 months, my other friend's ds stopped at 12 months but he was a very, very good eater in the day. My ds still has it at 12 months because it tends to make him sleepy and ready to settle himself but if your dd eats well in the day and settles without it then I don't think it's too young to stop it.

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