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10 yr old ds worried about dying how can I reassure him??

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Blossomhill Sun 24-Aug-08 23:27:15

Ds has been having touble sleeping for a while and says he is scared of dying.He thinks quite deeply about things such as when I go is that it? Obviously I can't say you won't die but do try and reassure him the best I can.
Anyone else had this and any tips? Thanks x

meandmyjoe Mon 25-Aug-08 00:20:39

Aww, your poor lad. I remember being like this at that age. I was scared to go to sleep incase I never woke up as that's what happened to my mum (whole other story!). I remember being petrified and so sure that I was really gong to be next to die.

The enormity of it made me fee ill like I was having a panic attack and I felt so small. I shared a room with my older sister when I was younger and I remember making her promise that she'd check I was still breathing when she came to bed later, for weeks I made her do it! (Not sure if she actually did it but claims she did!)

From what I can remember it was just a phase, by the time I got to secondary school I had got over my fear of going to sleep and dying. Have you tried talking to him about afterlife and maybe making it seem less final and scary. I know that helped me a lot, thinking that my life wouldn't just end and I wouldn't just stop experiencing things. Whether it's true or not (I still like to believe it is!) it could help him maybe to reduce the panic of it all.

Also, just give lots of hugs or whatever reassurrance he needs. I'm sure most kids go through stages of being terrified by death and it will pass.

KerryMum Mon 25-Aug-08 00:23:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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