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13month old - such hard work...

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mamachat Sat 23-Aug-08 23:40:10

My dd is 13months and I love her to bits and when she is in a good mood and getting all my attention she is a pleasure to have.

But when there is the slightest problem, like being tired or teeth or anything she is a nightmare...

She hates the pram, hates shopping, does not sleep for more than 2hours without waking to comfort suck back to sleep.

And I am very stressed at the moment as just broke up with ex p and find it hard doing it all alone...

She has a split personality, one minute she is fine and the next going crazy and pulling out her hair...

Well just wanted to get that off my chest...

Clary Sat 23-Aug-08 23:43:24

My dd was similar as a little one, when she was good, very very good etc, could be very horrid.

At 13 mo it's tricky, she wants to communicate but can't really and that's frustrating.

Also maybe not as mobile as she would like which can annoy her too.

(My DD lovley now btw.)
Sorry you're finding it hard on yr own - remember when DD is being troublesome, repeat "it's just a phase, just a phase...."

meandmyjoe Sun 24-Aug-08 11:48:47

Sorry things are crap at the minute. My ds is very similar although thankfully sleeps well at night. I think most babies/ toddlers have split personality! My ds will be happily exploring something but then as soon as it doesn't do what he wants it to, or God forbid I have to move him away from it, he howls, kicks an screeches in anger! He's the same when I'm out shopping, if he sees something on the shelves that I don't want him to have, he wriggles, kicks and whimpers endlessly. I realise that not all parent struggle to do such simple things but I think a lot of it is about knowing what you can and can't do with your child and lowering your expectations. It's the only way I have coped this past year! My ds has never been the happy gurgling, sit in the pram sort of baby, he never will be but it's just the way he is FOR NOW at least. I still think my ds is frustrated, although he now crawls and walks, I think he wants to understand everything and be a part of it. He seems to get very angry when he is babbling and I'm not giving him what ever it is he is saying to me. He seems to know exactly what he's trying to say but it just comes out as a very loud 'baba vaaaaa, ba mamamama!'

The pulling out her hair, is it something she does when she's tired? My ds tugs on his hair in the evenings after his tea and I just think it's something he does when he's fidgety and tired although he hasn't actually pulled any hair out (yet!). I do the same when I'm tired, I get fidgety and start twisting my hair and I get all itchy and uncomfortable so i'm sure that's why my ds is a pain in the bottom when he's tired.

I know things must seem so hard when you are on your own but it will get easier, she won't be a nightmare forever! Have you tried a comfort toy or blanket at night time?

mamachat Mon 25-Aug-08 16:48:02

I have tried a comfort blanket but she hasnot really taken to it, the only thing i can see her feeling attached to is me...

she has always been like this but now that i never have anyone around to help out when shopping etc it just makes everything such a chore..

its good to know that not everyone has a perfect baby...

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