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Does anyone know of any good chairs or anything to keep my ds contained??!

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meandmyjoe Fri 22-Aug-08 10:17:04

OK well, my ds has always been a bit of a wriggler, never really sits on my lap for more than a few minutes. He used to have a bouncer chair when he was younger but obviously now he's 12 months he's too big for it. He goes in a high chair to eat but gets bored as soon as the food is gone! He seems to spend the entire day crawling around on the floor and walking around! He never sits next to me on the sofa as he just stands up or tries to crawl around so I'm worried he'll fall. Does this sound OK or am I meant to have somethings soft for him to sit in/ on???? I put cushions down for him to play on and he just wrestles with them and then crawls off to play with something else. What am I meant to be doing???! blush

pgwithnumber3 Fri 22-Aug-08 10:21:59

Why not get him a playpen, if you have the space? I don't think there is anything that you can "contain" him in on the market - other than a straight jacket!

meandmyjoe Fri 22-Aug-08 10:24:21

lol! I think he needs one! I have a play pen but it's much the same as sitting on the floor. I don't mind him scurrying round and exploring everything, it's not so much containing him I want to do but just that I feel awful that he's always on the floor, even when I'm reading to him! Just wondered if that's normal or whether it just looks like I'm neglecting him!

meebles Fri 22-Aug-08 10:28:36

My DD is 9 months now, and since she learnt how to crawl/pull up she's always on the floor exploring, apart from when she's wanting something to eat or is tired/grizzly. Given that she rarely falls over I don't bother with cushions. Means a lot of hoovering though!

pgwithnumber3 Fri 22-Aug-08 10:35:40

It is totally normal for him to always be on the floor! He is exploring the world, learning things all the time.

Babies unfortunately do not keep still, from the minute DD2 gets up she is everywhere. He will learn in time to sit for longer periods but I doubt he would be happy to be strapped into anything if he won't sit in his highchair. What is he like in his buggy?

meandmyjoe Fri 22-Aug-08 10:42:47

Not good just sitting in it in the house I'm afraid, OK if I'm out and about and moving! I think he just doesn't like being still. He's always been a bit awkward like that! He much prefers to be walking around or crawling everywhere. He does sit still but independantly and on the floor, doesn't like being 'in' anything if you see what I mean?! I love it because he's happy being like it and I would hate for him to be inactive and not inquisitive but I just wondered if it's normal! I don't expect him to sit still really but I just always feel that he's just on the floor! Even when he was younger, he was either being carried in my arms or laying on the floor or a play mat, he's never really liked being strapped into anything! As long as I'm not being cruel having him sit on the floor all the time then I'm happy if he's happy!

pgwithnumber3 Fri 22-Aug-08 12:05:31

Totally 100% normal. Believe me, you would rather your child be inquisitive and crawling around than sat like a big lump as you would then be worried they weren't reaching milestones. My cousin's DS didn't crawl, just walked and it has always concerned her that it could cause him developmental problems in the future.

I know it is hard having an EXTREMELY active toddler, DD1 was like this but do you know what, in a couple of years, he will be running off to play with his friends and you will be relaxing with a coffee. Hardest stage is now. They are tied to the apron strings.

I am dreading it as when DD2 is 16.5 months, I will have a newborn as well!

FattipuffsandThinnifers Fri 22-Aug-08 12:19:23

I haven't met many babies/toddlers this age who weren't like tbh! As pg#3 says, if he did just sit like a lump, would you really prefer it?! My DS is almost 16 months and very like yours - before he could crawl he hated it so needed constant entertainment, and since he could crawl/climb/walk he was off. Now walking so a whole new world. Doesn't like being strapped into buggy for long either, like yours. Have to say it didn't occur to me it was anything other than normal.

And also I don't think I ever worried the floor was the wrong place - as long as it's clean! (Cafes etc sometimes bit of a nightmare in that respect, specially while still crawling.) But at home, where else could they be?

muminthecity Fri 22-Aug-08 12:47:46

My dd is nearly 3 and rarely sits still for more than a few minutes, unless she has a plate of food in front of her, is really tired, or is watching Horrid Henry on the t.v grin

hollyandnoah Fri 22-Aug-08 13:03:41


My ds is 7 months, he is into everything, crawling, climbing, pulling everything out, beating up the dog :| He loves it though.. I have got him a chair too that he loves, it is

That one, it vibrates and plays music, plus has all the toys and you can attach your ipod to it lol!

I cant see a price on there, but i think it was £49.99. I've had it from about 4 months when he was sitting up to much for his bouncy chair.

jelliebelly Fri 22-Aug-08 13:05:05

I think you need to get used to it - once they start moving they don't want to stop and it is all totally normal smile

meandmyjoe Fri 22-Aug-08 13:15:26

Thanks all! I know they are meant to go on the floor a bit but my ds does seem to be there all the time unless eating or sleeping but if that's normal then that's fine! I just remember my friend's ds when he was about 15 months old, I looked afer him for a few days and he could crawl and cruise but just seemed happy sat next to me on a chair whilst I read to him. I try this with my ds and he's standing up and walking off! Perhaps her ds was just very placid! He also would just sit in his buggy for hours just in the garden while she cleaned the windows and did the gardening. My ds would be screaming!

My other friend's ds who is 2 days younger tan mine is very content to just sit on his mum's lap when out and about in other people's homes and restauraunts.

Glad it all seems normal though, i guess if he's happy then that's fine. Fattipuffsandthinnifers (love he name!!!) I know what you mean about the cafes, I think that's also an issue as he won't just sit in our laps when we are out either! He's just very active and was a complete nightmare before he got crawling and still very grumpy until he got walking. He wants to be a part of everything, I love him for it and he is absolutely delightful when he's getting his own way, but try and restrain him and it's a scream fest!

pgwithno3, you are right, if he was very placid and lathargic then I would be paranoid there was something wrong with him. I actually look at my friend's ds who does just sit there and I wonder why he isn't interested in things, it seems so alien to me! Good luck with the pg, hope everything goes well for you.

FattipuffsandThinnifers Fri 22-Aug-08 13:33:47

Can really relate meandmyjoe - my DS has never been one for sitting nicely on laps either. And the histrionics if we dare take him away from something he's doing that's --really good fun-- dangerous!

Btw thanks re my name! I've only really been posting on MN for a few weeks but had a few people say that to me here, I didn't know so many people knew the book!

meandmyjoe Fri 22-Aug-08 14:14:39

Yes, the tantrums if we dare remove him from something dangerous are dreadful (yet slightly amusing!). He diffinitely knows what he wants! He is so funny though, as long as he's allowed to do what HE wants to do!

meebles Fri 22-Aug-08 14:37:41

Yep, it's the same here too. The only way I can bribe DD to sit still in a cafe is with a snack. And the howls I get at home when I stop her pulling out all the leads on the playstation etc. are unbelievable. I do like that she's so interested in what's going on around her though.

FattipuffsandThinnifers - I remember that book too! Loved it.

pgwithnumber3 Fri 22-Aug-08 21:24:02

I think because he is your first you are just not used to how active toddlers can be! DD1 was not an adventurous baby as such, she got far more active nearer 3 and at nearly 6, she doesn't stop to catch breath. I came to the conclusion that she wasn't particularly inquisitive because she has never really been interested in toys etc and still isn't now. Her life revolves around cartwheeling and going outside. She finds it very hard to occupy herself.

Whereas DD2 is far more inquisitive but she is starting to show a huge interest in dolls etc. I hope this means she will play for a few mins on her own without whinging for me to join her.

I believe your children go through difficult stages at some point in their life. Mine was as a teenager, my eldest brother was a bugger as a baby but dead easy child/teenager and my younger brother was always placid as a child but causes more hassle/worry as an adult. You are getting your hard stage out of the way now!

meandmyjoe Sat 23-Aug-08 17:04:13

Sounds about right pg, he is very inquisitive but is able to amuse himself for about an hour at a time as long as I'm near by to talk and smile at him! It's just when we are out about that is the problem as he's not a sit and be held sort of baby!

I don't mind it at all in the house, he's brilliant at working things out and is so much fun.

I think you're right about the babies and children all being difficult at different stages. I've said this on another thread but my sister was exactly like my ds and was very active, strong willed, and grumpy as a baby but a fabulous child and a wonderful person now. My brother was the most placid, angelic baby but was a stubborn whingey child (not naughty but very stubborn and liked to cause arguments). I was OK as a baby but a bloody awful toddler and OK as an older child/ teenager.

Lets hope I've paid my dues with his babyhood cos he was awful til he got mobile!

pgwithnumber3 Sat 23-Aug-08 21:37:54

I remember (when I lurked more than posted) your earlier posts/threads regarding how hard he was. I used to think he was so similar to how my mum described my eldest brother. Everything was a nightmare with him. He is still a bit of a fidget but he is honestly one of the most gentle of men you could ever wish to meet who is wonderful with his wife and children. All you can do is nuture your child and hope that you have done your best by them. Which is what you sound like you are doing. As hard as he may be, enjoy him as there is nothing quite like your first born.

When (and if) you have a second child, they will seem like an absolute breeze! DD2 shocked me when she was born. She was so easy in comparison to DD1. I would rather have it harder first time around! <prays DC3 is as calm as a cucumber>

pgwithnumber3 Sat 23-Aug-08 21:40:38

Meant to add, with regards to him not sitting on your knee etc when you are out, you will truly be grateful when he is a bit older and able to run off and play a bit on his own. DD1 made me go up all the slides in the playbarns etc until she was 4. I used to look enviously at all the mums sipping coffee whilst their 2 year olds were off running around with their little buddies! She was sooo clingy it was untrue.

meandmyjoe Sun 24-Aug-08 13:06:36

AAhhh so pleased to hear your older brother calmed down a bit. My sister certainly did, I think she was just very clever and really wanted to communicate but couldn't, as soon as she could, she was lovely. My brother is still a bit of a bugger now to be honest and loves to cause trouble and bitch about people, yet was so placid as a baby.

My ds does seem very independant, if I try and help him with something he seems to resent it! (Eg, earlier, he was holding his cup the wrong way so he was having to tip it soooo much further than if he had the spout turned the right way, I tried to turn it for him to make it easier and he screamed at me and threw the cup accross the room!)

It can be tiring but I'll take anything over the way he used to be so for me it seems quite easy now! I find it quite reassurring that he has such a strong mind but maybe I'll regret thinking that as he gets older! He is able to entertain himself loads though so in that respect I am very lucky. He doesn't seem to need me sat his side or helping him with things, he is quite happy as long as he can keep looking up and checking I'm somewhere in the room.

I'm sure when he's older he's going to be running off with his friends while I sip a cup of tea from the sidelines!

Really hoping you get an easy going 3rd child, I always think they must get easier as you go on as the older children can sort of help entertaining them a bit. I guess I'll find out as (crazily) me and dh are planning a 2nd in the next couple of years (eeeek!)

pgwithnumber3 Sun 24-Aug-08 14:50:29

Don't count on the elder entertaining the younger! DD1 is not a fan of DD2 most days. The gap is 5 years and whilst some mothering type of 5 years old would have loved a baby sister, DD1 is just not like that so views her a too much of a nuisance/threat. Would have a 2-3 gap as preference but the best laid plans and all that!

LOL at his throwing his cup across the room! He is a character isn't he?

DD2 is getting a little personality now, it is lovely to see. She is very sweet and loving, opposite to how DD1 was so just shows, nature is what makes our children.

meandmyjoe Sun 24-Aug-08 18:25:45

Mmmmm yes a charater that's one way of putting it. Not quite the words I was going to use though! lol!

He is adorable though, completely desperate to understand everything and so wants to be UNDERSTOOD! It must be very frustrating for him. He is such a sweetie though and when he does figure something out and does it himself he is so completely extatic! He was the same when he was about 6 months and finally figured out how to use a cup and hold it himself, now with spoon feeding, he eats so much now he can do it himself and is so happy he bobs up and down and grins everytime he puts a spoon full in! He is a bit of a control freak.

Maybe Joe won't be entertaining my next one then? Damn it, I was hoping it would be so much better next time round!

blueshoes Sun 24-Aug-08 19:07:11

meandmyjoe, your ds sounds like such a delight smile. I love children who are engaged and just that little bit maverick. It shows an independent mind and baby who is confident and happy in himself. Well done.

I would say that if being on the floor makes your ds happy, then floor it is.

pgwithnumber3 Sun 24-Aug-08 19:18:33

Not to say that your little Joe won't be a delight as a brother! My experiences are the opposite to what I hoped but to be honest, I always knew that DD1 would not welcome a sibling with "open arms"! She has always been a possessive child, over me especially. To share me is not an option to her, she can't abide it.

Your DS sounds the opposite to DD2, she won't feed herself or even pick her cup up herself! She likes to stroke her ears whilst having her bottle so I doubt she will ever hold it herself. In desperation the other day, I was driving and passed it to her as she was crying for it and woe be tide, she drank the whole bottle herself. Just shows you what they will do when the need arises! Little minx!

Your DS sounds quite advanced, is he walking yet? He is probably be a bright boy, do well in school etc. DD1 is like that, she was the one who has tested me the most with patience as a baby! DD2 is a BREEZE in comparison!

meandmyjoe Sun 24-Aug-08 19:21:25

Aww thank you blueshoes, that made me smile! He is deffinitely a strong, confident little boy and I adore him for it! I do wonder what the tantrums will be like as he gets older though, they can only get worse!

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